Not sure if this belongs here or not but wanted 2 share

I have yet 2 see a ghost but have felt there presence (Sp??) many times over the years. I have had things moved, hidden things from me, touching me. I think the most disturbing thing that happened 2 me was when a male voice talked 2 me in the middle of the night. It woke me from a dead sleep. I was going thru a very trying time and it said Don't worry everything will be alright. I've never had anything like that happen since then. And the next disturbing that happened wasn't 2 me but happened 2 a friend of mine almost 2 years ago. This was a couple of days after my brother was killed. She came 2 be with me. And her cell phone was about dead so she shut it off for the night. Well the next morning her alarm on it went off but yet the phone was still shut off. At that same time I had a hand held poker game that kept going off all the time like someone was playing it but no one was around it. I would even turn the sound off so it wouldn't bother me and at times the sound would come back on. I kept saying alright James I know Ur hear. That game kept doing that until the batteries finally died. Many years ago I had a strange experience which scared me as no one was able 2 help we with it. One night I felt a hand go across my back and I told my ex that he needed 2 call home as it was important. He said he'd do it in the morning. But I again told him he needed 2 do it now. He replied He'd call later. Finally I told him he needed 2 do it now as it had 2 do with his grandpa. So he finally called and his mom told him first thing I was just trying 2 figure out how 2 call U and tell U that Ur grandma just passed away. After that he didn't doubt me when I told him something..That was the first time a ghost touched me and basically talked 2 me. But when I could find no one 2 help me with it I tried 2 block out who I was and what I could do. So now I've been trying 2 open back up and learn more along the way.

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  • Messages come when they are meant to. Learning is good. Sometimes looking for messages can make the imagination create things that arent there. Get a great teacher and I wish you love and light.
  • I don't think they are ghosts, Black Rose. I feel strongly that they were angel's presence and your own personal guides. The touches sound like warnings to me and that is what angel's do. Hugs, Paige
    • LaLa i am confused in your answer a bit , Black Rose it is hard to open the door to something that you have tried to shut . I understand completly . i am curious about the time of the phone comeing on and the time of your brothers Death . I agree it very well may have ben a signal or sighn whatever. I ca also tell u i knew i needed to be home as my sisters life was comeing to a close , ( i made it about 2 hours before this happened ) She no longer spoke she only signaled with a thumbs up or a thumbs down or a nod. after the removal of her shell we wentto my moms house , and her cat had on him a childs lick sticker that was would u believe it a thumbs up . coincidence ? no way !!!! As far as opening the door again for me i go slow i embrass i validate . It's necisary for me to see how i am doing ya know . good luck
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