What is bringing this in for me??

I dislike being needy. In the past 6 weeks, I have been hit on the head, had concussion. Got a job, lost a job and whilst at that job, sitting one day and not understanding, felt like a clothes hook. I went out of the office I was sitting in and above the door frame was a coat hook.I pulled my energy back in and a day later was sacked. I have also been punched in the nose in the past 2 weeks too. I am female. Small, sometimes opinionated, but I dont think I deserve to get hit in the nose. It feels odd too. Im so much more aware of looking at other peoples noses.Please dear god what is causing this. I am so confused I dont understand why this is happening.

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    • Thanks, yes, I understand all of that. I am not hitting myself on the head. Someone else has. Just as someone else hit me in the nose and eye. I am trying to understand, because it was like I could see someone elses fist superimposed over theirs. So I have tried to forgive. yet I cannot understand. Because as part of their ascenssion, they should be learning to manage this energy. In context to religion. I believe too that maybe part of their lack of empathy for their own behavior is dictatied by their religious beliefs, - largely subconscious. Maybe not..? That only good catholic women deserve to be treate properly. Yet, many a catholic priest has sent a woman home to a house where she has been abused physically.

      It would seem the issue is one of testosterone and the desire of the male to feel power when he has none. Healthy outlets for managing energy - especially spirit energy are needed.
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    • Thankyou !
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