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Can someone tell me how to control feeling . Does anyone know what I mean ? It is driving me insane ! It gets in the way with only certain people. I know I am an Empathic ( don't know if I spelled it right or if it even is the right word ) .I have fe

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spirit in dream?

I have posted this in the 'dreams' group as well, but i thought it would be appropriate here.I was hoping someone could shed some light on a strange dream i had last week:I had a dream the other night , which was kind of vague, but i remember being i

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A question please =)

I had a question if anyone could answer for me please, I have been getting moments of peace, calm, and a sense of things are working out for me. Which would then be replaced by thoughts of a negative nature, more and more though those negative though

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Deja vu'

What is deja vu supposed to mean? Is it your mind going ahead of itself to see things that are going to happen then experiencing them? I have always wondered what that experience signifies. If anyone has any insight or a link for me to go look up I'd

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connected to another person?

Hi guys,I posted a question a little while ago, and i'd like to ask something else, if that's ok.As i said in my earlier post, there is a man in my life with whom i feel incredibly connected. This weekend something strange happened to me, which i thi

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Sylvia Browne

Hey all, peace and love to you :))I just came across this lady, got some tapes of her and was wondering what you know about her and what she advocates. Just being curious and would like your opinions, experiences, etc. ;)Hugs of love <3

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