• I AM so happy I found your group today,I am here to take time to apprecite myself and others.

    love ya

  • Hi I am Deea, I live in the USA, I apprecaite that I have a kind and gental heart. I am also a very giving person. I have a huge energy for fun, annd I also appreciate that my love of music and art was spread to my children. *hugs* Namaste.
  • I love the word "Namaste" and use it all the time when I send emails. I wrote a poem called, "Namaste" in my first published book, "Dreams of the Dove of Peace". It's great to have this group and behold the Divinity in everyone. I love this video called "Namaste" and watch it often. The visuals and music are beautiful. May it bring as much joy to you as it does to me.


  • Hi my name is Barbara I live in england UK and am married with 3 children. i have just joined this group and wanted to express how very happy i am to be here with all of you positive people. thank you. x
  • Hello everyone, I'm Anne and what I appreciate about myself is for being open-minded enough to really take a step and open my eyes to realize that there is more to life than what I had thought in my previous belief.
  • Hello all,

    Nice to meet you. My name is Debbie and I am a 49 year old woman about to turn 50 with a desire to have a huge party. The thing I most appreciate about myself is the ability I have to say I can do something and then figure out how to do it. I usually have no idea what I am doing and then it comes to me! I manage a nature center and some days I would pay them to do this job.

  • Hello, I don't think I introduced myself here. My name is Kathleen and what I truly appreciate about myself is that many years ago I listened to my inner self, which saved my life from suicide on a few occasions. I'm grateful that "little voice" screamed loudly for me to hear, for me to get out of a domestic violent relationship, to pull up the bootstraps and start all over and stop being a victim. I'm so very grateful the universe has guided me to where I am now and am enjoying an abundant and prosperous life that I would have never imagined 13 years ago. Thank you!
  • Hi everyone! I'm alexa and I truly have an unconditional love for life. That is something I greatly appreciate about myself. I really do love life! I do, I do! I have been through such a difficult healing journey. And my wonderful love for life has gotten me this far, I have come a long way, and I intend, my love for life shall get me all the way to being physically healed and healthy. I appreciate my great passion and love for life! namaste
  • My name is Laurie. I am new to all of this...I think I always knew these truths by training from childhood drowned them I am trying to reconnect and get these beliefs is harder to UN-TRAIN than it is to train. It is great to read all of the beautiful intentions...I am also trying to love every part of me again & regain the love for EVERY other person...
    Thanks & love to all =D
  • Hi Chris, Hi everyone!
    Well I have to say the thing I truly appreciate about myself is my commitment to being consciously aware at all times, and becoming who I am "ment" to be. My on going hunger for wisdom through books, and my realtionships with people I see every day.
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