• I am realizing that love really starts by loving yourself. Today, I love my 'faults', every single one them!
  • I appreciate the fact that I love my children: past, present, and future!
  • I appreciate ' helping nature '. It pleases me When I see someone is smiling and appreciates my help.
  • I love the fact that when things get rough, I can step back and realize that every bad moment is just a moment I will learn from. And in good and bad, I know that I am aware that I am growing stronger every day.
  • The one thing I most appreciate about myself is the kindness, and love I show to my family, and significant other's in my life. BE good to yourself, thankful of all you have. My motto is to live with an attitude of gratitude always. I am a very open person, always ready to help out, putting other's needs before my own at times. Blessings, Love, Live Life to the Fullest, Kathyh.
  • I appreciate my assertiveness.
  • I appreciate my courage to go after my dreams no matter how big or small they may be. I appreciate my family and friends who encourage ans support me in my dreams and aspirations. I appreciate God for giving me continious moments to which I can learn and grow and succeed.
  • I love that I can do a headstand!
  • I appreciate how hard I am trying not to sink and how hard I am trying even if I keep getting scared.
  • I love my energy
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