• I rock!

  • I appreciate my looks and many people say that I am good-looking. Some people say I am cute.

    I appreciate my body for it is not as fat as before. Now I have a lean body.

    I appreciate that I can sing and play the piano at the same time.

    I appreciate my uniqueness. Everybody is unique in his own ways and I am a unique person in the billions of people in the entire world.

  • I Appreciate my writing skills.... becoz when i write something from my heart and when i read that that makes really so much of sense to me... and when i search for what i have written i found these things are already quoted by great leaders... then i feel so Good....

  • I appreciate my supremely vast capacity to love. I appreciate my iron-clad will power and drive. I appreciate my looks and my heritage. I appreciate my ability to channel my energies into almost any situation with positive results. I appreciate my desire to strive for improvement and perfection in all aspects of myself and my personality and my soul. I appreciate my good looks and my strong muscles and ability to constantly make myself look and feel better. I love to be me, I love who I am. I am. I am love.

  • I honor my Inner Strength, my honesty, the love in my heart and my Connection.
  • Here in this moment I stand in GREAT gratitude and appreciation of the will power of my beautiful SOUL. The will power to have my true amazing genius self SHINE. I appreciate my souls' miraculous growth on this ascension process. I appreciate the power of creation. 

  • I appreciate my open-minded spirit which has enabled me to learn a lot of things and also withdraw myself from everything and just relax:) I appreciate my intuition for becoming stronger:)


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  • I Appreciate That I understand the Difference between Being Grateful, and Being Appreciative. Being Appreciative Has Nothing negative attached to it, where Being Grateful has just a touch. Both however are extremely Important for a Happy, Abundant Life.

  • My laughter and sense of joy!  The Mohawk Indians have named me, "She Who Laughs".

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