All Are Invited

All Are Invited to participate in this weeks Open to All Remote Energy Healing Session. Thursday evening at 9 PM central daylight savings time. To participate use the following procedure.To participate in the remote sessions it is a simple processes.At the time set for the remote healing session.Put on some music without words to which you can relax.It is best to recline in a chair or lay down in a bed on your back with a pillow under your knees.If you meditate you can choose to assume a meditative pose.Do not cross your hands or feet because it stifles the energy flow.Close or shut your eyes.Relax.Take a few slow deep breaths.Then let your conscious thoughts go as though you were going to take a nap which could happen if that is what you need at the time of the session.Gently focus on connecting with the Healing Energy which is available.This is the most important thing to rememberExpect Nothing, But Accept Everything.After the session is over be sure that every one whoparticipates in the sessions drinks lots of fluids.Fruit and vegetable juices and water for several daysto flush out anything which was broken loose during the session.The sessions are on Thursday evenings at 9 pm central daylight savings time.U.S.A.If you have more questions please ask.ThanksThe Energy Healing Sessions are always on Thursday and at the same time I think it would be to confusing to change them around.10 pm EDT Eastern Daylight Savings Time.9 pm CDT Central Daylight Savings Time.8 pm MDT Mountain Daylight Savings Time.7 pm PDT Pacific Daylight Savings Time.While we are in Daylight Savings Time the greenwich mean time is -5 GMT and the time of the sessions will not change. If you want to find out to the second where you are at with GMT just type GMT into google and look for greenwich mean time I think it was the second one on the list for us.George & Sue

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