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Suggest a Goodreads Author to Interview

I'll have a segment on my upcoming show where I interview a Goodreads Author. I'm hoping all my PI friends can help suggest great Authors and books that are on Goodreads. This Goodreads group will select the weekly guest. The first one airs June 2, 2015 and weekly after that on the Voice America Network which boasts 3.5 million listeners a month.  Feel free to post suggestions here or on my Goodreads Proile but I hope you also join the Goodreads group and help me show the network and the world…

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MLM and personal growth.

Ladies and gents.... I feel MLM  and personal growth go hand in hand.My daily meditation is as folllows:The right information comes to me easily, effortlessly, fluidly and in the right sequence for me to understand as quickly as possible. And, it comes to me for FREE!  I am fearless and I am FREE!When I sense truth through any of my senses, be it sight, taste, smell, feeling, etc...When I face and/or receive truth, via any of my senses, I want to know that it is truth, without a doubt and to…

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Getting out of a slump

I have found myself in a slump for the past few months. The business I have been in is wonderful, but I let life get me down and stopped working. This quote by one of the great network marketers has really helped!"In the end, our lives will be judged not by the things that we began, but by the things that our effort and resolve brought to a successful conclusion" by Jim RohnHope it helps you too!Sue Bradley

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