Need input on advertising

Hello,I need some input on advertising. I have an ad on the back of my car and it's not attracting the way I thought it would. I know it needs to be changed, but I wanted some input on ideas I can do. I've attached a photo.Thank you!!~Kathleen

Zyourdream car ad 006.jpg

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  • It's all about how you think!!!! Break it down a miniute.....YOU ARE IN BUSINESS AND YOU CAN NOT BE IN BUSINESS WITHOUT A PRODUCT OR SERVICE TO "SELL"!!!. Since when did telling someone or anyone that you know tht you have something for sell?? Think of all the commercials you see every and all the advertising you encounter everywhere you go. Do you ever hear them apologizing for telling you that they have the most 'amazing' product that you need at a price that you can afford which will make your life better?? Of course not!! They know the power of having pride in what it is they are selling and in business with. You can not have a business without a product. People can not buy from or solicit your services without knowing where you are and what you do or products you sell. Period. It's all about the energy that you put into telling people about your business and product. I want you to think about something awesome that has happened in your life in the last 5 years. After it happened to you, how long did it take for you to tell someone?? And how excited were you when you did tell them?? Did you care what hey thought after you told them?? No. Because you were too happy and felt so good SO YOU HAD TO SHARE AND TELL SOMEONE!!! So go back and think about your product!!! If in fact it is sooooo amazing then why would you have any reservations about telling anybody, anywhere or at anytime!?!? Especially if the product r service has 'changed or enhanced' your life?? Business' grow because they tell every body all day long every chance they get without reservation!!!! Do that exercise next time you are going to market or advertise your product!!! FEEL GOOD AS YOU DO IT!!! AND THEN YOU WON'T BE SELLING.....YOU'LL BE SHARING YOUR EXCITEMENT!!! Come find out how to apply this and grow your business!!!

    This is the business I am in!!! I help people feel good most of the time in business using the LOA and it's awesome!!
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  • My reply is below, clicked the wrong "reply to" :)
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  • Hello Kathleen Is this picture of your car zYourDream ?

    I have had signs on my cars for years.
    Some tips.

    1. Use lettering that is very easy to read - at hwy speed. Large block
    2. Use a curiousity phrase - not company name.
    When I see it is xyz company - that is all the info I need - so won't call you.
    3. get a very short catchy easy to remember domain name.
    those passing your card don't have a pen - do have a short memory.
    one I have used

    4. add phone number - the car following will call your cell number.

    5. Curiousity is key.

    Go answer your phone it is ringing !

    • I'll be changing the font soon, zyourdream is my domain name, not the company name and I'll be putting my local number on it too. Thanks for the input :) ~Kathleen
  • I've never really put a lot of thought into advertising on my car...

    for one thing, I've taken the expression 'work at home' waaaay too literally and I'm home... a LOT day as I was hanging out waiting at KINKO's I noticed they were selling some brightly colored alphabet stickers... you know, the kind scrap booker's use. And I thought to myself,

    Heck... making a bazillion copies is gonna take some time so why not buy the stickers and go out and put my URL somewhere on my car while I'm waiting?

    So I did that... as a lark! I mean, c'mon...these are NOT stickers designed for MN weather but they were colorful... and big... and it was fun! And while I was horsing around I drew some attention, made a couple of friends, and gained a couple of customers.

    A year and a half later those darn stickers, barely faded, were still on my car when it got towed away in May... and the darnest thing happened - someone who worked at the impound lot went to the URL and became one of my customers!!! LOLOL

    All I'm saying is don't over-think this stuff... follow your promptings and let the chips fall where they may!
    • I truly agree! I put the ad on for a fun way to advertise, but it is by no means my only advertising. I don't drive very much since I do work from home, but when I do, it's nice to know I'm getting the word out for my business in a simple way. This is supposed to be about having fun, right?
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