Abraham-Hicks on MLM

You will create what you desire, but you need to be clear about what you want otherwise the universe will deliver you opportunities to become clear about what you want.

Would you like a giant downline?

Stop and answer that question because it's at the foundation of what you are wanting.

What comes to mind when I ask you if you would like to have a giant downline? A big MLM business?

Let me propose that you don’t just want a group with thousands of people in it. Would you want a group with thousands of people calling you and complaining each day? I hope your answer is no!

What you want is a group of people passionate about your company and passionate about what you’re doing. It only takes three or four people like this to get rich in Network Marketing.

When those people find three or four people they will not have to work ever again. You might say, “Chris, come on, retire on three to four people?” The answer is yes!

If you could spend 100% of your time focusing on the people that are doing it or in alignment with you and none of your time focusing on the people that are not you will attract more people like the one you are focusing on.

So ask yourself this, when you focus on the people not quite getting it or have lost the dream how do you feel? Not good if you’re like me. I care about people and I don’t feel good when I’m speaking to someone that “doesn’t get it”.

Think about this when thinking about your business. "Whatever you are giving your attention to is what you’re attraction more of”. So how do you “feel” when you think about your business?

So I talk to a lot of people everyday and they say things that basically amount to the same thing. They say they’re not have success because, “others are not doing their part?"

Why is this? It’s because they find people that don’t want to work because the very reason they joined was, “not to work”.

Can you agree with me that if you go out and gather people that don’t want to work that you might just end up with a group of people that don’t want to go “work”?

From this place of not wanting to work so hard, you’re attracting people that don’t want to work so hard.

And here is the golden nugget of this whole article. You’re not waking up every day wanting to not work! If you didn’t have to go to work tomorrow you would fill your day with something else! - You'd be golfing. - You'd be shopping. - You'd be getting together with

So it's not that you don't want to do something; it's that you want more choice about what you do.

So don’t focus on a business that will provide luxury even if you do nothing.

What you should be telling yourself is, "I am wanting this business because I get to choose every part of my involvement in it. And, as I choose every part of my involvement in it, the dollars will flow to me,

Can you feel the difference in that?

Many people have issues around money. Many people feel there's never something for nothing so when you start talking about a business where you can do a little bit but eventually get a lot of money there's a disconnect. The main reason is because they don’t believe it.

In other words, in some people, there's a part that says, "Even if it's possible, it's not right.”

This is about allowing. What comes to you doesn’t have to be justified, excused or explained.

So many people work so hard to justify the money that comes to them. If people would chill out, the money would come much more easily.

Many people are convinced there has to be strain and struggle
for there to be any payoff. That’s incorrect.

It is first and foremost your vibrational match to what you are wanting that is most important.

So if you can give up this feeling that you must justify what comes to you, and say, "I get it because I’m in the flow." And when you’re showing your business presentation to others you can say "At first this
looked like something for nothing or something for not very
much. And I've got to tell you, at first it appealed to me
because I like the idea of putting in a lot less time and making more money, but then I realized I like the idea of getting together with friends and having a fun time and creating more of what we want together.

It’s really that simple. Get clear about what you’re wanting and hold it in your mind. Get together with others that are part of your business. Talk to about how they’re building their business.

Talk about what is becoming, not what is. What happens to most people is they think they have to prove things to others by trying to prove it’s already providing all the free time they want or all the money they want when in fact it is not. And since it hasn't you’re sending out missed signals.

In other words, you're pretending that it's bigger than it is. You see what I’m getting at? You’re saying things you don’t really feel, so you're sending out vibrations that don't ring true.

What you should be saying is, "This is going to work for
all of us. It's small now, but imagine where it can lead! The
structure of it is solid, the product is making a difference in people’s lives and we can feel the benefit of it as we all participate in it.

What would it be like if you had a hundred people all actively involved just like you? Let's run the numbers on that and see what that would be.

If there were a hundred of us doing what I just did, what kind of numbers would that register, and what kind of profit would I have
this month? And, more importantly, what would that profit do
for me? How would that profit make me feel?

Ask yourself, "If I had an extra ten thousand dollars this month, what
would I do with it? Well, I'd pay off some bills, and take
some trips, and I'd lease a new car, and I'd..."

In other words, get in the flow! Get others to talk about what this business can mean for them. Get them to talk about where it’s going.

Get them to blast open some doors! And as you help them blast open some doors, the abundance will come to them, sometimes through your business. Sometimes not.

In other words, you might turn them in, tap them in, turn them on to the flow, and they might go off and do something entirely different! Some of their heartfelt dreams might come true for them in a much different way. They might become abundant in ways other than what brought youo together. But that's alright for you. Because what they do does not affect you. Only how you feel and what you do affects you, you see.

Mostly what goes wrong is that most of you, in the nature of
business that you are offering, spend too much time
belittling the other ways of life.

In other words, "That old job?" you say. "That job [where] we're all working too hard? We're going to leave behind that job and we're going to do something else." So your creating negative energy and causing them to close their valves, while you're saying, "Let’s do this, instead!"

But you're all doing this, instead, with a closed valve -- a
valve of blame, or a valve of discouragement, or a valve of
disappointment, you see. Where if, instead, you say, "Hey,
we're all doing alright!

We're doing great! We've managed to attract money and friends to us. We've opened some avenues to let our abundance flow by coming together and allowing dollars to flow to us without having to give up the other things that we're doing. And so we can keep doing what we're doing, while we open these other avenues.
And, in time, we may choose not to do that anymore. At least
we'll have the option.

Go to what feels best. Do you see what I’m getting at?

Keep your valve open. And if you can keep your valve open, while
you worry about what somebody's doing or not doing, you're a
miracle. In other words, you can’t do both.

If you you’re staying positive while you're talking about
getting rid of this job you hate you're an anomaly to the Law of
Attraction as we know it. Nobody can do that!

Instead of following the techniques that others have
tried -- and we tell you, millions have tried and millions
have failed. Instead of trying these techniques that have
been bantered about for centuries, if, instead, you will say,
"I'm going to keep my valve open relative to this subject.
Now what is it about this business that rings my bells?" And
you just concentrate on keeping those feelings in your head your valve will be open and you will be able to attract what you are wanting.

You may have heard it said, "It's not the words you speak.
It's the music you're playing." When you're tuned in, tapped
in, turned on, when you're feeling great, people gravitate to

That's why many people’s business grows faster in the beginning before they know so much. We call it ignorance on fire.

When they thought everyone would join you and go nuts you were feeling good. Your valve was open. But they started noticing not all of the people that had joined wanted to actually do the things they said they wanted would they start concentrating on them and their negative vibration and their music stops. You see what I’m getting at?

Lighten up and have fun!

As a professional Network Marketer you are making a real difference in the world! Know it! Feel it! Allow it to happen!

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  • Thank you everyone :)
  • Great post!
    Such helpful information that can change your life- thanks for sharing, I love Abraham.
  • Hi Chris!!!
    Great post.

    I´ve few thigns to add to your post. Just congrats on your M.L.M work.

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  • Do you not believe in group loyalties?I, too am in a very positive group.
    About all we can discuss amicably is how we promote, & if that's your system as is part of mine which I'm finding slow -- it may not be appropriate. No one can "join them all".
    Georgia j
  • Hey great article,perfect timing for me.I've hopped into a mlm business I saw a great system & value,princibles. When I've shared with some friends and family.I thought they saw the same thing .I kept finding myself having to pick these people up or encouraging them. I am so focused on them not doing anything and not having vision that I'm at the point of almost wanting to throw in the towel.But I still beleive I have come across a good business with a bright future for me and those involved.
    I have very little experience in this kind of business. But one thing I do know the focus and the vibes or energy a person puts out speaks muchs louder than words.
    So I thank You again for this article, just the support I needed!
    • I´ve listened to Jim Rohn and on one of his CDs he is saying "work with those who deserve it, not whit those who need it". By saying that he want us to let go of the people who we think would be great networkers if only....... We want them to success. The thing is... have we asked them what they want? Their WHY for signing up.
      Have a perfect day!
      //Coach Iwan
    • Your welcome :)
  • That was great,May I share this with some of my freind's
    I start to FEEL bad when I hear the stugles of some,This is worded pefectly
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