MLM and personal growth.

Ladies and gents.... I feel MLM  and personal growth go hand in hand.

My daily meditation is as folllows:

The right information comes to me easily, effortlessly, fluidly and in the right sequence for me to understand as quickly as possible. And, it comes to me for FREE!  I am fearless and I am FREE!

When I sense truth through any of my senses, be it sight, taste, smell, feeling, etc...

When I face and/or receive truth, via any of my senses, I want to know that it is truth, without a doubt and to know that I am not the one who is controlling it!

I want a sign which I know without a doubt, that I am not creating it!

Thank you.


I am naturally guided towards people who are on the same path...  the growth is exponential, both on a personal level, spiritually  and financially.

Keep up the great work everyone...   and keep supporting eachother, cause this is what MLM is all about...    keep planting those seeds....  cause in the end...  the law of averages  dictates, that you will succeed.   All you need is to try  and focus on what you want.

Make sure you are passionate about what you are doing.


I want to know...  what fears do you have... or at least you think you have which are blocking you in MLM marketing.

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