Hi Mary K here we go another journey.I am a walkin.I was invited to come into my body the year of Sept 1998.The previous spirit was depressed and suicidial. She believed no one would let her complete a physical suicide so she hoped the books writen by Ruth Montgomery were true and there was such a thing as a 'walkin'.Her mother in 1971 has given her two books of Strangers Among Us and Companions Long the Way.1998 now she lay on the floor of her deceased(1988) mothers living room praying desperately for release of her contract asking a walking come in and complete her life. Then on the third day of prayer she asked for the contract be amended that her body be given to someone of Devine Intent. She fell asleep and slept for hours on the floor getting up body sore and went to her bed. I was in her.Nothing seemed to be different. Took a while for me to realize there was a me looking out of like a dark box with two holes (her eyes when open). Then I senced I didnt feel the emotions like what was coming out of my mouth all enraged, mad, violent, yelling, vicious, arguementative. I didnt like it. I was calm, peaceful and had no beef with anyone mostly because I didnt know anyone I saw to have an opinion about anyone. This was year 1999-2000.I called numerious angels for help until I learned I could help myself. Then I got far enough until Jesus Christ started to help and the 'Brain Flush' began and I had a few very bad days of confusing and nutting thinking. And now I am doing pretty well.I am ok now. I can 'feel' my own energy in my body and I love me. My ego is taking over. fragments of the other spirit is still here. She is still very angry at her dad and herself.Why you might ask she called for a walkin? She grew up as the scapegoat for all the problems of her family. She became a 'stump' of a child around a smothering physicaly and mentaly and verbaly abusive drunk mother.By the age of 4 her mom had sufficated her into unconciousness because she didnt stop crying, so her mom held her hand over her mouth and nose until she did. She knew this is how her mom did it because her mom did it to her sister to stop her from crying. Her dad saved her twice and her aunt once.She was in the white tunnel feeling all the Love and saw Christ who told her it wasnt her time and she had to go back.She was raized catholic which teached Christ loved children and protected them from harm. Christ in her life was never there when she was beat with coffee pot cords, or belts, or mom kicking her back and rib cage when she was on the floor, or her mom slapping her so hard she'd fall into furniture. Christ didnt stop her mom from age 18 months to 27 yrs of mom laying into her when ever mom got mad about something.By the age of 9 her neighbor drowned her in her own wading pool. The store goes a lineman heard her mom's screams and gave her artifical resperation. She went into the tunnel and Christ turned here back..thus she had no usefullness for Christ.She wasn't allowed to bring friends home. If she tried something new and got found out it was taken from her and told 'You can't you are to fragile or some excuse." She was never allowed to pic out her own cloths to wear of a day. Even at school her mom didnt like navy tights with the uniform but blk tights, thus she was called 'Black legs' for her first 6 yrs of schooling.It was not discovered she was near sighted until she was 12. That she was sever-dyslexic until she was 27. She flunked out of school but got a diploma any how.She was raized to do what she was told when she was told by who ever without question and if she didnt do it expect punishment and take it because she deserved it and if she complained shed get it twice as worse.Her mom was the only one allowed to get sick in the family. Her mom died in 1988. Her father invited her back home in 1991 after two failed marriaged.She thought she'd get her dog a sheltie to tennessesse to a woman who wanted the dog then commit suecide. All she needed was to barrow $400 from her dad. He wouldnt give it to her. So she had to stay and stay she did. She started a small business making jewlery, carving stone and antler, acrylic paintings and taking it all to craft shows in maryland and Pa. All went well and her dad began to join her on her travels, until her got tired of going.Then he told her he wasnt interested any more. He told her to stop going. Being a good daughter she did what she was told and stopped going. She lost her meger income and became a recluse yet still made crafts and paints sometimes 22 hours a day.She was a spiritualist, hands on healer to horses and birds. She was aware traditional counciling was taking to long finding out why she was so angry. So she meditated and angels came and gave her instructions. She did as they asked. It took years to reverse her polarity from fear and worry to love and contentment. She didnt know it was more then just that she had to find the Core where she first learned of these emotions and when she chose them for herself. She'd meditate with insence and native american music.Before long her dad said he wanted her to go to his church and stop burning insence and smudging because it stunk up the house. So being the good daughter she gave up her religion for her dad. She tried Assemble of God for a long time, standing and sitting at her dad's side. Many people taking it she was his wife and he never giving on she was not. She defended she was his middle daughter.And this began to get on her nerves he gave men the impression they were married time after time after time. She'd ask him to not do this but he did as he liked.She began so see her dad in a new knowledge and began to add up that her mom was frustrated and overwelmed. That she struck her out of anger at her self blind that she was hitting her daughter. Her mom was mad at her dad and didnt know how to let out her anger. She forgave her mom on that spot.Soon dad asked her to stop carving stone and antler because it made a lot of dust every where. The asked her to stop tumbling semit-presious stones that she made wire pendents. Then final her dad told her to stop painting acrylic paintings because the paint smelled. And like the beloved daughter she stopped all that she loved and kept her sane.Now she was just a ball on the sofa. No money coming in. dad coming up when he liked not letting her fix a meal or a drink of water for her self. dad encourages her to start drinking but she said no thanks. she had to money to pay what electric she used or natural gas for heatting. Shame, guilt, self loathing was straggling her with every minute. When she tried to sleep her dad would come check on her shinning a flash lite in her eyes. She didnt go out of the house, did turn on a lite, turned the heat down too.He didnt know her art work kept her sane. Then to add insult to injury. She found he was painting with acrylics and his even thought were the same as her's didnt smell.She felt like she was going crazy. She was 48 and began to think about walkin and the possibility of them. finaly feeling like she couldnt do anything because she wasnt allowed..............Now she has seen how I have taken control of our life. I have repainted the place. Gutted the pink, yellow and gray bathroom making a fantisy bird garden fake grass with stepping stone garden. I have my own appartment on the first floor.She still gets out some. She has learned that dad is manipulative with words and if he doesnt get his way he weaves words to try to make us believe we are the problem.Sorry I am smarter then both of them. He worked mom until she did our body permenent phyical injury.I am learning tools to say to myself when I become aware she is cranking and he is poking me with his bad behavior in public. My compromise it take him home and Work on the other spirit getting her ego out of my body a little bit more each time she gets out to react.I am a walk in. I am a seraphim in a human body. I love each and every one of you.I love this planet. The last time I was human was when Christ walked this earth. I at one time built buildings in Atlantus and Mu.I am the Flame of Love,I am forever,I was here in the beginning,I will be here in the end,I am forever.I am the Flame of Love.I am here to teach anyone ready to LOVE how to figure out love.Wheelz

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  • I can relate to some of the abuse, except mine was done by my mother. It makes it hard because women are suppose to nurture, but she just did not have it in her. I finally had to move away and put all that in the past. 

  • Beautiful woman, seraphium, LOVE...

    thank you for sharing this all! I AM honored!

    with love to you and THAT dog!!! ;-)

    --Mary K

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    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´* Light

    EXPECT MIRACLES (cause you get what you expect!)
    • Wow you are so beautiful art wiith words and dancing lights.

      thanks you.

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