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Hi Dr Boylan,I'm a bit confused...You claim there's a base just north of area 51 where outer space aliens are in direct contacct with our government ..."funded by our tax dollars"(I quote yourself on that) from Coast to Coast AM...And you also claim that some of those outer space aliens play the slots in Vegas...or do visit Las Vegas and are among also claim that the "Cabal" or "Kabal"...or ..."Illuminati"...would shoot them out of the sky or kill them on sight and or...capture them...I'm wondering about that contradiction there?That they are in with us at that hidden base and enjoy Vegas as tourists...thus...the government and military would be fine with them flying around...naturally if such a safe-house base is paid by tax dollars...CORRECT ?Then...who whould have the authority to be shooting at them in the skys over the same time ?Are you inferring there exists 2 seperate military agendas prevailing here ?...or exactly what ??Thanks for a reply.Keep well ,B.B.,Precisely.There is the regular constitutionally-authorized government and then there is the Cabal's Shadow Government; the latter infiltrated inside the former, mostly.Thus you have the official U.S. government Four Corners guest reception and orientation facility for Star Visitors about 50 miles north of Area 51, and also you have Cabal armed antigravity craft roaming the skies looking for Star Visitor craft to shoot down.It is a tribute to Star Nations intelligence and compassion that they have figured our crazy Human society out, and have not washed their hands of all of the light,Richard Boylan, Ph.D.Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC, Councillor of/for EarthPresident, Star Kids Project, LtdEmail: drboylan@...Website: www.drboylan.comDiamond Springs, California 95619, USATo get on my free email mailing list, send one email to:

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  • That is interesting to know. My question is why the Cabal would shoot down UFO's when they use that very power to sustain their agenda? Unless it is because they want that power all to themselves. 

    To me, that would be a form of suicide, since they depend on that power. So many questions...

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