• I appreciate swimming, happy smiles, calm relaxed summer, being together as a family, the wonderful flow of goodness that my family floats upon!!!
  • Happy, smiling, always entertained and playing, go with the flow little lovies! And so so cute and cuddly.
  • happy, loving, hugging, play, having fun, creating, smiling, joyous, love, soft, gifts,
  • My daughters are so so cute and awesome energy flowers! They are enthusiastic, going with the flow, creative, smily, little lovers. I am so lucky!
  • I appreciate the spark of true adventure in my little one's eye as she sets forth to walk!!! And I appreciate her determination to learn words and her excitement to communicate. It's the best! She is so friggin cute it is out of this world.
  • Today I took my kids to a different grocery store and they have one of those cool grocery carts with the car in the front. Usually my preschooler sits in the front and 'drives' and the baby sits in the cart with me if we go there. Anyway, my preschooler wanted the baby to sit in the car with her. I really had not thought of that yet, so I strapped her in the little car with sister next to her. And they were so dang cute I was tearing up in the grocery store. It was just too cute to see them together with the little one's fuzzy head bouncing around the way it does. I love watching them grow as sisters. It is friggin awesome.
  • Every, single day I appreciate the humming/singing/dancing way my son lives his life. I just love being in his vibrational vicinity. I love hugs and kisses. I love the way he thinks. And lately, I am loving reading the Sarah books (by Esther and Jerry Hicks) with him. It is so nice to have this shared vocabulary of upliftment with him, and he nudges me with wisdom from the books when he sees I'm out of whack!
    Beautiful Vibrations Abound!
  • today i appreciate about luka...
    -his growth and independence
    -taking off his clothes
    -driving his trotinette and raising his leg like a little acrobat
    -sitting right now in my lap and moving his head a bit to the side while saying: " thet you can see better the screen." oh...
    -the smell of his hair
    -being big enoug to play 'memory' with me - soon he'll be able to beat me, very soon...
  • My day has been steadily improving and I am so very happy about that. This afternoon we went on a "hike" it was so fun. We have trails right behind our house and we found so many treasures. My kids are both now totally sacked out which is just what we all needed. And I love that they had such healthy and efficient lunches. happy day
  • today i appreciate about luka:
    -his independence during the fight between me and marc
    -for his loving bond with his father
    -for his kiss and hugs he gave me when he say me crying - but not being scared no sad himself -aaah, so great!
    -for seeing that he is so much more strong than one would expect
    -for him walking my talk better than i do - i admire him indeed!
    -for asking me to read him a meditation for children and falling asleep already during the 1st lullaby
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