Well i wanted to be a penpal with some one for years and from what it looks like n the internet it is big business. This is FREE and we can find someone to excange emails.

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WELCOME to Penpals 4 Adults

Well look around. This is it. Penpals 4 Adults.  I have wanted one for years. 

Now there are some ground rules>

1) we do by Powerful Intentions rules


3) PLEASE> Go the PI chat then into whisper to exchange ur emails.

4) I am not responsible if your pc crashes after you make contact with someone.

5) I am not responsible if they arrive at ur house and you didnt want that.

6) keep advertizing on your page or meet delete when relying or starting a discussion while in this group.

7) we are not responsible for any info you put on the internet.

8) no cussing, rudeness to others ragardless of race creed or color.

and 9)



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  • Claire 39 from Southampton in the u.k and would love e.mail pals to e.mail on regular basis about anything and everything.

  • My name is Doug from the UK. I am 47 years young, in long term relationship, I am a fairly quiet type of person in my everyday life, with few real friends, looking to add some sparkle with a Penpal or 2. You still around Heather?
  • Hi my name is Michelle and I am wanting to communicate with pen pals!
  • would anyone like to be pen pals with me My name is tammie i live in Mississippi and i would love to have pen pals

  • Hello there

  • Any one want to email me please do love to hear from you xxxxxxx

  • Id love to have a pen pal  ,,,,,,,anyone need a friend,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Shoot me a quick message in my inbox.

  • mY NAME IS hEATHER am hoping to find a few pen pals .I live inHamilton Ontario i live by Niagara Falls Canada,I am 47 years old and have many interests wannta be my friend xoxox


  • Penpals welcomed!contact me if you want it!

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