My Universal Vows :D

Hello Beautiful Ones! 


There was a time in my life when I was filled with doubt. I had a dream of where my life would go, but at the same time I had responsibilities towards my family and an opportunity came up I thought I couldn’t refuse. The outcome was outstanding, but this is a different topic altogether. :D So, in my time of self-doubt, of feeling lost, I decided to ground myself to my hopes and my ongoing positive vibration by making a “contract” with the Universe. I am sharing it now in hopes that can inspire someone.

I must say in advance you don’t need to make a contract with the Universe (obviously). This is more of a detailed observing of our universal nature rather than establishing anything. We are always supported and we will always be, because that’s how it is. But I needed a reminder, so here’s what I came up with:


Universe, I do understand I want my life to be plenty, and that it’s up to me and only ME to do so, as creator or my reality.

So, in order to clear any doubts I may have about my ability to do so, I hereby set some ground rules so I can clear my mind of any negative beliefs and never falter.

So I hereby declare that it is to my knowledge that:

  • I am the CREATOR of my own destiny and the writer of my life story;
  • I am powerful and infinite;
  • Me and others around me are all ONE and, consequently, share the same power;
  • The only true energy of the Universe is LOVE, and everything else is a construction of it.

That being in my knowledge I solemnly swear:

  • I will love myself to my greatest extent;
  • I will forgive myself for not always being (in my perspective) right;
  • I will be appreciative of myself when I am (in my perspective) right;
  • I will take a positive lesson, in whatever shape or form it may come, when I am (in my perspective) wrong;
  • I will follow my dreams to my best extent and stay true to them;
  • I will not experience failure, because I understand that each time I trip I still make it to the next stepping stone towards my goals.

That being established, and all previous conditions met, I expect you, the Universe, to:

  • Provide knowledge and wisdom in a way I can understand in every step of the way;
  • Provide synchronicities and events that will support my emotional status and energetic stance and/or a direction forward my dreams;
  • Provide the actual accomplishment of my life dreams, in a way similar or much much greater than I could expect.

I hereby sign, knowing all of this is true.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Tons of love,


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  • Awesome, Wonder, as always! ♥

  • This is fantastic, very loving.

    Yes we are connected to source.   There are many of us in states of doubt and wanting a way.  See how important hope was in this case?  In the end, it was what carried everything through.

    So I take from this that we need hope in our lives.  I will strive for more hope now from this inspiration.  I had hope a while ago, too, and now at this time I am having something tremendous happen, I do not yet understand. 

    Reach for better-feeling thoughts : P


  • Wonder the Winner! :D

    one tiny but ... just bc of sth i may explain later, or maybe i wont lol. hmmm, humble opinion is all it is, could be nice to include yr loving appreciation for the Universe somewhere in there, where u pledge to love yrself, or in the general part.

    its so well thought thru and written! yes, do give us more :D
  • Wonder,you are magnificent.

This reply was deleted.