• Turning around a ship can be a struggle,but it is worth it in the end:)

  • Hi....I am manifesting/experiencing whatever concept of myself I believe myself to be.  Who I am today this very minute is the sum total of all I accept/assume as true for me.  Whatever is in my consciousness is what my world reflects back at me.  I can change my consciousness and concept of who I am and what I accept as true anytime I desire it (by subjective appropriation), although it can take time to change one's beliefs, like in the way it takes time to turn around a huge first you still see, hear, feel, etc the old way, but if you persist and not give up you will eventually experience your new way in objective reality.  :)

  • Wonder,I am my thoughts,thought process,thought habits,philosophy is what produces thoughts so I have to be my philosophy,values result from my metaphysical viewpoint.

    Thats the way I was thinking when I asked the question.

  • It's a great question.... I am the sum of my choices, I guess. I am not what happened to me, because I get to chose how and if it affects me. I am not my traits, because I can change them. I think the only constant is my choices. Even as infinite being, I choose how to express my infinity.. Was that what you meant? Lol

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