Reiki is vital force.(Lifeforce energy)

To integrate at soul level requires looking inwards and connecting with all that exists (Universal)

This group will facilitate healing at soul level and improve lives over an extended period of time.

Introspection and reflection at soul level with manifest the life you are looking for by changing your awareness level and attitude.

Plato suggests that remembering who we are is the key to healing and I agree so this group is platonic in approach and attitude.

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    • how are you? or more philosophically who are you?

    • in the context of everything that exists?

    • .you manifested free time....thats an incredibly good thing to manifest in my experience.

    • if the idea is that your thoughts create reality then having free time to think and to consciously change the way you are thinking is the first step in the journey of a thousand miles.

  • Who am I? What is reality?

  • If anyone would like a healing session in exchange for a contribution to my coffee fund then I am available on mondays,wednesdays and sunday morning.

  • I'm facilitating a session on stoicism on Tuesday so there might be an increase in Stoic related posts here:)

    All good and useful.

  • Where r all Mark Aurelius ones?.. no rush, just wondered :)
    • keep manifesting small things...slowly manifest larger things

    • you will get consistant results and then trust after the process proves itself to you

    • the results are a feeback loop to confirm where you are in the process

  • Aristotles God:

  • Aristotles Metaphysics:

  • I have been thinking about the synchronicity between the school and this group-the emphasis onstoicism
    Schools being setup in an old Roman seltlement
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My Universal Vows :D

Hello Beautiful Ones!  There was a time in my life when I was filled with doubt. I had a dream of where my life would go, but at the same time I had responsibilities towards my family and an opportunity came up I thought I couldn’t refuse. The outcome was outstanding, but this is a different topic altogether. :D So, in my time of self-doubt, of feeling lost, I decided to ground myself to my hopes and my ongoing positive vibration by making a “contract” with the Universe. I am sharing it now in…

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How Do I Express My Real Self?

There are many ways to express the true self by embracing and affirming life.According to Nietzsche affirming what life offers and throwing yourself into it completely is the way to express yourself.My personal version of this is to treat life as an experiment and then evaluate the results,reflect on the process and results,then decide how much to embrace an idea or thought process.

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