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  • that was fun to read lol I love peanut butter warmed to a creamy consistency with graham crackers and tea :) good times...hahaha thanks for sharing Jody!

  • I fear I am the peanut butter of life

    sometimes chunky, but oft times smooth

    not satisfying if spread on too thin

    but more than a mouthful when laid on thick

    preferring butter and honey

    rather than the safety of concord grape

    on toast with banana and raisins

    or maybe by teh doughboy pool on plain white

    topped with potato chips

    on a hot 1970's day

    i tend to mix well with other bite size things

    chocolate and oatmeal

    celery and crackers

    whirled up with ice cream

    to be cool and smooth

    but don't be deceived

    i am not just a sweet treat

    pair me with the right stuff and a dash of chili

    i can scorch as you bite that skewer of life

    dressed neatly on your plate

    jody gonzalez 2009

  • I left that poem on a site that shut down, hopefully back up & running, they have shut down before, but at the top of my head can't remember as a long poem lol, I can re edit it make a new one, but will be different.
  • I am the spark, that lights up the world that seems so dark, all it is, is thru the hearttumblr-gif_287.gif?width=100Night, better get some sleep lol, some of a poem I wote a while back, forgot the rest, was long.
  • 7293526488?profile=originalWhat a lovely group, thank you for thinking of me. I am happy to be here :)


  • And your pics r divine. Thanks for this lovely space.


  • Your poetry is magic for sure

    thank u

  • Hi sohail i sugges u shud put all ur poems in a discussion that we all can view it in just one page...
  • nice set up, flowers pic poetry


    I love to write but not in poem form

    isnt awesome to have this PI site to write , express

  • Where r the poems? ;)
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The Pearl In the Sea

I amthat black pearl in the depths of the seaI amthe sweetness of that fruitthe flesh that fills youproper the brightest star in the sky I amthe great wave they want to ridethe big fishthe entrée of the dish stick a fork in meyou'll see I'm done done with...doubtconfidence in our supreme beinglove for my universe is what I'm about I amthat force you can feelwhen you can't seemagickalyour majestylove thyselfis my philosophy <3 Audrey LG 

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One Last Poem

It's getting lateand I'm so bed is calling me.but my heart is pounding last poem...let that resistance  go feelings stir emotions flirtingwith manifestationfeeling my passionoverflowing and words just...come to melike sweet music in my psychewrapped ina sense of overwhelmingexcitement  exciting me they wish to relieve meinspirelift us higherthey resonatewith greatthe greatness in you and Ibehind them is power a love I cannot hidecompelled the words they yelllet me…

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I said go deeper... deeper than my light shade of black skindeeper than my flirtatious grindeeper than my lip gloss glistenin'deeper than the seat of my jeansand in between...deeper than my soft, naked voicedeeper than my  sweet scentdeeper than your trance from smelling itdeeper than your choice do go deeper...than where your mind loves to roamgo deeper to knowthe loveofmy soul<3Audrey LG

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Queens Rise

full of joytraveling swiftlylike the cloudschanging plains in consciousnessabove she risesascending satisfied depressed soulstrapped dying inrivers of desiremesmerizingin vanityin a daze at their reflectiontheir hearts neglectedhypnotizedin fictitious perceptionsoverwhelmed with priderise noble queenin ease and in controltake back your soulin honora beautybreathtakingbreathlessfrom belowhollow soulswhispercome back to usto her weaknessessurrender toinhibitions and fearsrejection and…

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