Come hangout with Portland, Oregon's most fun, hip, positive, LOA Manifesters! We meet live in Portland, Oregon once a month - share ideas, have fun, learn, trade books and more!
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  • Love the picture of Portland :) It's absolutely awesome.
  • Thanks, J Lo! You got to them before I did, you mind reader, you!
    1) Growing ever closer to my most powerful and connected Self.
    2) Meeting more like-minded people
    3) Sharing in the interest of helping others gain clarity of their path toward connection & abundance
    4) Letting go
    5) 5000 miles worth of bicycling adventures!! Woo-Hooo!!
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What are your five most important Intentions for 2010?

Mine are:(1)  Making more friends & having more fun!(2)  Learning how to be more of a Master Manifester and create the life I want to live!(3)  Sharing, teaching & training others on how to better achieve their positive life goals!(4)  To earn as much or more than I did in 2006 (yes, that was my best year so far!)(5)  To be run my best time in a 10K, do 100 push-ups non-stop, 25 pull ups non-stop, 200 situps non-stop and bench press 200 pounds!Those are mine - what are yours???Namaste!Jonathan…

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