Please send me some good vibes...

Im going through a divorce and my court date is June 16th . I am going through this Pro Se(in other words Im representing myself) I some child support paperwork and other paperwork thats so hard to do,my sister will try and help me but Im still stressed about it. The worst part is my soon to be ex and I have such an amnicable divorce that I wish I didnt have to do this tough paperwork. Can you all send me good vibes that they will be done right and in time for court.Thanks to all!!!

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  • Everything will just keep getting better! :-}
  • Fantastic, fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES! YES! YES!!!!

    All really IS WELL and wonderful things are unfolding for you! :-}
  • It is a tough time, but things will settle down and you will survive. Life will get better as each day passes and you begin the healing process. I am sending only good thoughts to you.
  • thnaks everyone here that repsonded. It went well(sorry i didnt get back to all of you before..alot going on) and I didnt need ALL that paperwork. wow like a miracle. :) I got my wish. I also wished when i was there no one was there in the room when I went up for my divorce...I was it was me,my sister,the judge, bailiff and court reporter..that was IT. My sister you got your wish. :)
  • Paulette, the answers and The Way are all within you. Even the ones you don't know yet. Your power will pave the way to a completion of the paperwork as you babystep your way thru it.

    I expect you to learn great lessons thru the persistence you have about finishing this paperwork.
  • thanks Marcy...I will remember all that you said . :)
  • All will be perfect!

    You are Happy, Connected, and Abundant
    with Brilliance, Simplicity and Ease
    ... NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!
    It's a DONE DEAL and it sticks! :-}
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