90 Day Challenge? Anyone Interested?

I noticed another group somewhere that does a 100 day challenge where people write about what they want to achieve and gain in the next 100 days and then blog about what they notice changing or what methods they are using. I thought it might be interesting (and fun) to start one here.

I'm kinda new to this, so I'm not even sure how to start a group. Any ideas? Who would be interested in something like this? Also, the more people that get together will bring about more positive energy to bring us our deepest desires! : )

I want it to be very interactive though where we have blogs and comments each day.

Let me know who is interested!

Thanks! Have a great day!

Gina : )

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  • I'd like to participate in that program
    i d like to know what is it about

  • I would be interested in something like that if you were able to get a group of us together to share experiences with :D
  • It's a whole other Ning network. To Create a group here on this network just click on the main Groups tab in the menu bar and then click "+Add a Group". If you make a group it might attract more attention then having it just be a discussion in this group.
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