Books written by Mallica Anant Satyam

Hi everyone!

I just joined PI and spent that last week reading threads by Mallica from 2009!! I found her approach so inspirational but she is no longer on here. I did; however, see that she also wrote a couple of books! Has anyone on here read any of them? If so, please let me know your thoughts. 

She seemed to know a lot about the LOA and how it really works. I've been "stuck" for over 3 years and really need some guidance.

Thanks so much!!

Have a blessed day :) 

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  • Hi Mallica, how are you?

    I was " mistakenly I suppose" suspended on your network (Tuji)

    I would love to be able to sign in again 

  • Hi Gia,

    I am here. ;)

This reply was deleted.