Dreams do come true!


      My neighbor's book will be published soon!  I am so excited for her!

          It is a children's book with a sweet message.   It did not come easy for her.

     She wrote query letters years back, trying to get it published.  She held onto the copy through each move.  It is one of the most imp. things to her. 

          So everyone who has a dream, goal, keep at it, there will be times to let it go

                     ebbs, and flow of things....

            and then there are times to hold onto that goal and put your time and effort into

                     and then let it go, as we know, and allow the magic to happen!

                                Best wishes to everyone, may your dreams come true with so much fun!



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  • What an awesome post!!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Purplelight!!

    My mom has a similar story. She worked on her memoir for 15 years before getting published...

    I too would like to send out best wishes to everyone, for realizing their dreams with joy, simplicity and ease!!

    With warmest love & aloha from the islands,
  • I can say when it comes to publishing a book, that's something that you've gotta keep at because it almost never happens quickly. Giving up on a dream is an automatic loss. Glad to hear things worked out!
  • Thank you for sharing. Thanks for the encouragement!

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