Eternal Youth

How does diet and exercise fit into eternal youth?

I have tried a lot of different ways of eating healthy.  Food combining, Blood-type food list, vegan, (I am vegetarian but out of compassion and because I don't want to be a part of the killing and sacrificing) to name only a few.  I have read the science behind these concepts and bought in to them for a time.  Each one had merit and I learned something about my body from them.

I have also tried lots of different types of exercising (I love to work out.)  I even owned a franchise who's focus was fitness for women.  I have hired a personal trainer to help me get buff and I have lots of different types of dvd workouts that I do at home.  I love Zumba and I am a ballroom dancer.  I love to walk and ride bikes.

The truth is, I can be very strong without lifting weights and what I eat has much less of an affect than what I "think" about what I eat.

It depends on my intentions.  The truth is that when I tune in to my body, then I will eat what my body needs and when.  How much is not a problem either.  I can also, sometimes, eat sugar or have some wine, without all the guilt.  Again, it is my attitude coupled with listening to my body.  Almost everything gets a bad rap at one time or another.  I was even told Alfalfa Sprouts were bad for you.  Go figure!  I had a health food book that within it's own pages contradicted itself.  

The same goes for exercise. 

In the past, I have exercised so I could eat more.  Not a very powerful intention!!  Of course, since the LoA works all the time, when I didn't' exercise I would gain weight, even if it was only 5 pounds because I was obsessing about not GAINING WEIGHT .  "What you focus on expands."

Now there is a lot of conflicting ideas about exercise, too, as we all know.  I had a woman in my fitness studio who's doctor told her that she shouldn't exercise because of her high blood pressure. I suggested she get a second opinion!!  

Now that I am embracing "Eternal Youth", (which is my birthright, yours, too!), I am releasing the desire to listen to scientific data, which changes as often as the wind changes direction, and instead listening to my body. 

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  • As a result of my husbands sudden death, from a vehicle crash, 11 years ago June 2nd, I chose a gravestone that had both our names on it.  It seems to be comforting for my children and in-laws to have it that way.  

    Recently, while tuning into what it means to embrace eternal youth, I was faced with the reality that having had my name carved in a gravestone had real significance to my subconscious mind.  Here I was focusing on eternal youth, which means abolishing death completely from my subconscious mind, and yet I had a mental image of me being buried next to my husband.  Once I made the correlation, I was then able to shift my thinking about this by tapping on my psychological reversals about it.  If I didn't go through this process, then by the Law of Attraction I would subconsciously attract situations that would verify that I am going to die and be buried next to my husband.

    Now my powerful intention to embrace eternal youth and of course, eternal life, has shifted from my subconscious mind. Since nothing has meaning except the meaning I give it, I choose to see the gravestone with my name engraved on it, has having no real meaning for me. 

    To be clear, I have always believed in eternal life, but in a different context than now.  I thought heaven was achieved after physical death.  Now I believe that heaven is achieved here, if I choose it, or I can choose hell.  Neither are places to go after this earthly based on punishment or reward.  These are all ego-based beliefs. God sees me as blameless, eternal and whole, perfect and complete.  Anything else I chose to add to that is because of ego beliefs that are limiting my choices. They become my gods/idols.

    My powerful intention is to not see myself or any of my brothers as limited by our physical bodies.  

    "Light is unlimited and spreads across the world in quiet joy."  A Course in Miracles

    Elaine Enlightening 

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