Hi All


I first was here last year, getting advice on how to get past my recent split from my husband.


I was on this site all the time, immersed myself in Hicks and practised LOA principles etc to no end.


It worked. I attracted the most wonderful man into my life - my soul mate really. He felt the same. 4 months into our relationship, I got pregnant with the child I have wanted for so long. This was a REAL miracle as he had had a vasectomy years ago!


We absorbed the information and decided we'd do what it takes to raise our little family.


Perfect, right?

Here are the details I DIDN'T ask the Universe for:

1. He has Bipolar Syndrome - and last Sunday broke off with me in a brutal way and has cut all contact

2. He had immense financial issues - in fact is claiming bankruptcy soon, or so he says

3. He has massive baggage from a 2 decade long marriage


I'm in no position to have this baby myself - in one fell swoop, I have lost my perfect man, my much longed for child, and the family I have always wanted.


Not sure what I did wrong here. Not sure what the universe is trying to teach me.


All I do know, is that once his bipolar started manifesting, I went from being happy/at peace/positively expectant (the mood I was in when we met) to being stressed/fearful for the future/feeling insecure.


I know you'll say ah! that's why! you ruined it for yourself!


But did I really? Bipolar is a very real disease.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

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  • Hello, I am really sorry you are going through this! 

    But my first thoughts were---was he really the ideal man or did you just want him to be?  You may have overlooked things wanting him to be "the one" and actually clouded your way for the real ideal person to enter your life.  Were you aware he was married twice before, had financial issues and was bi-ploar?  I would think his bi-polar disorder would have come out in the beginning when you first met him.  All of that tied in with your newly mixed emotions of what was happening....your stressed and fearful feelings.

    I hope you can find some positive in this situation!  You need to stay focused and think positive to move ahead in your life with your new baby.  I am sure there is a great plan for you!  Keep an open mind and you will find it! :)


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