Theo and ALEC

I just wanted to mention that Theo is doing another Thrive class starting July 9th through September 24.  It's a 12 week class, meets once a week on line (I think Tuesday nights 8 pm pst) for 2 hours.  It's a web class.  Hosted by Marcus and Sheila Gillette and Cathy Northrup is the moderator.  Usually starts out with an introduction to the course material.  Then Marcus and Sheila speak a hello and their general background.  Everyone does a little intro about themselves as little or as much within time reason, as you like.  And then Theo comes through and speaks to the group.  And in the past (I took this class last fall) has a conversation that lasts about 5 to 10 minutes with several people  They ask Theo questions about how to feel better basically.  Or conformation about what they are experiencing.  There is work done around soul integration where you think back or better said feel back to when you were young and had a bad experience that you sort of carried with you and still react to similar situations with a similar "knee jerk" reaction that basically feels bad.  Anyway Theo helps you to let loose of that knee jerk reaction.  It's a great class.  I would take it again if I could afford it.  Who knows, maybe just writing it, will cause a manifestation for me:)  I highly recommend the class.  My only regret is I did not ask more specific detailed questions of Theo.  I kept the conversation off of me and on a particular task I've been working on.  

I did however get in a fair amount of orphan rescue work.  There is a little homework.  And I have a greater understanding about how to do orphan rescue.  It's a great way of releasing old unhelpful vibrations and helps me to see others in a better light.  Or to be able to turn the other cheek as Abe would say.

If anyone is interested, go to and look up Thrive.  Excellent class!

From that class, another newer channeler came forward.  Karol Lee, channels ALEC.  Has been having an awareness of ALEC for some time now and ALEC has a divine connection similar to Abe and Theo.  Also ALEC does toning over people as they converse with them.  I have had enlightening and eye opening conversations with ALEC as well and still listen to both ALEC and my Theo Thrive class recordings and video's.  ALEC informed me of how to enhance my connection with my spirit guides and gave me key information about my abilities as well and how to grow them so to speak.  Karol had an awareness of her ability prior to Thrive but it was through conversations with Theo that she stepped out of the shadows and began to share her abilities and knowing.  There is so much more I could relay here but I've got some work to do here so if anyone has an interest, go to and and see what resonates with you.  To me ALEC feels like assistance with my connection to source energy that I have not been able to achieve on my own.  Or maybe just speeds it up a bit with my asking.  Mystic by Divine has a monthly full moon web event. 

Thanks for reading and I hope this is helpful to anyone who is seeking.


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