I have a question that I wonder if someone could answer for me?I know that we create our own reality and that our thoughts are so important, but what explanation do I give someone when they say: Oh, so that little kid asked to be abused because he wanted to create that for himself? Or what about; So all those people in the Worlds Trade Center thought about being blown up and crushed to death, even the fire fighters? I am at a loss on how to correlate the law of attraction and disturbing events. Could someone please help to enlighten me with a meaningful answer. Than you to all! Peace, light and Love! namaste!

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  • I would recommend early Abraham Hicks videos. They even talk about the Holocaust.

  • I think those aren't always questions of people who are open to hear what you have to offer. Those are questions that are often walls you cannot surmount. If someone jumps right to that they they aren't in a place where they want to try to learn how to create their own reality. Or maybe they are but they have so much doubt that these ideas push the doubt forward in their mind more so that this is where they arrive: the abused child, the people dying in WTC etc. That's not really an open mind. It's someone who has heard enough but sees it as untrue. They can't understand that LOA works and there's no way for us to know with certainty what those people's vibrations were that caused them to have those things happen but we understand LOA well enough to know it works and those events happened because that person was aligned with them.

    People who are willing and ready to understand or want to try to understand won't go for how do these horrible things happen kind of questions. Those are the questions of someone who sees it as simply not possible because those things happen. Often from people who are on defense and not even interested in hearing it because what answer would really make sense to them and convince them that LOA is real and does work in the face of an abused child or people dying in WTC? None. To them, those people were all helpless victims unjustly punished with bad things happening to them that they did not ask for. No answer you give will really bring them over to LOA at that point. They aren't buying it. They aren't even interested in trying to buy it because they are coming from a 'life is not fair' point of view which those questions show very clearly. 

    People who are truly interested in learning about LOA or at bare minimum are willing to put aside any doubts they have for long enough to test it a little are asking how to questions, are looking at possibilities rather than the worst case scenarios of when things appeared to go wrong. They are not pointing to 'victims' saying 'okay then how does LOA work here?' because within the question is that LOA is a broken system if it allowed 911 or a child to be abused.

    There is simply no explanation you could ever give to the person that asks that question that would get them past the 'life is not fair' or even 'LOA is broken' or maybe 'LOA is not real or at least not all the time' aspect of those questions. That is where that person is aligned on the topic. Simply put, they are not ready. They are not open to it. Not yet.

    We who know about LOA understand that what we get is not always what is wanted and we have to examine what is going in within us. We don't get hung up on 'well it can never be right or fair that people died on 911 or a child was abused.' We understand that it can be 'right or fair' within the grand design of how LOA works rightly and fairly across the board on all things and doesn't look around saying 'oh but that will abuse a child so let the law not work as it should here.'

    Ironically, that those things happen shows LOA does work because people are not always happy and are not always aligned on all the topics that exist within their reality. People are unhappy. People are angry. People feel like victims. This is part of the world. Learning how to not feel those ways is part of the empowerment that comes with learning about LOA. And an open mind might not want to face it but accepts that if we can create a wonderful reality then we can also create a miserable one. We are empowered  to do either. We are so free we can choose bondage. It's up to us to decide and focus on how to create what we want rather than living by default. Bad things happen to good people. Bad things happen to seemingly happy people. LOA is always working properly. We have to do the work to see how those 'bad' things happened. 

    It doesn't seem fair to people who don't want to understand that there is a law that is unforgiving in its application because how would we learn if it were? 

    I wouldn't bother giving that someone an explanation or trying to. If they need to be convinced, they aren't ready. Too much resistance. Too much focus on things that don't seem to make sense. Lack of openness and willingness to accept that those things happen for a reason and LOA is working perfectly even then when it seems unfair and unjust.

    If you really want to spend your time trying to convince them, explaining that those things happen because people aren't always in a good place emotionally or in their thinking and over a long enough time those things are the outcome of those feelings and thoughts. They may not be an obvious direct correlation but maybe those people were feeling like victims, were feeling dis-empowered, were feeling that bad things happen, that there is war, that the world is unsafe, that there are problems and tragedy enough of the time about some topic somewhere that it culminated into them being in those situations. That is what someone who asks that questions sincerely looking for some kind of sensible explanation might be able to hear if they have been listening and trying to understand anything about LOA at all.

  • I guess god hates us all.
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