I have created this group so that the members can get a definite path to applying  The Secret. It will be a 20-day programme during which we will do various processes stated in The Secret and other books. We will have specific processes for each day that we shall arrive at after discussion with other members, at the end of  which we'll report to other members about our experience of applying the processes. Any project undertaken as a team will surely raise the feelings of everyone involved and will be lot of fun. 

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  • I have been wanting some friends to help me stay in tune with the law of attraction. I think I'm a little late for the 20 days are you still together?

  • Hey appyee! Welcome to the group! Do share your ideas, what practices have you found useful? 

  • what i have to do?

  • Lilybels, oh you are so gonna love it. When I first started with gratitude, I made a list of 20 things in on go. I couldn't stop myself it was so much fun!

  • Thank you simi. . . 


  • My book arrived yesterday and I started Day 1 according to what was in the book.  Interestingly, it said to just write 10 things you are grateful for but I was enjoying the process so I kept going and ended up with about 14 things.

  • Welcome Lilybels and Katie. We can start the processes now that we have a few members. We will really have fun! For Day 1 I was thinking of the following process:

     Begin your day with gratitude as demonstrated in The Secret. Keep counting your blessings first thing in the morning as you  are going about your activities. You could say thank you for the bed you slept on, electricity, running water, your family, the new day, etc. till you reach a total of 40 blessings.

    Keep posting and let me know your opinion.

  • Hi Sameer! I have actually found that idea quite effective. It keeps you focused on your goals.

  • Make a list of all your desires and carry this list with you wherever you go, read this list before you go to sleep and after you wake up and also before you meditate.


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