This group is to learn about quantum time travel (quantum jumping) and its relation to LOA, along with the "quantum paradigm" and to share quantum jumping experiences.

This Group has MOVED here:

Quantum Jumping - Time Travel For Pedestrians

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Please watch the movie below and share your comments.  I will be posting more information shortly.

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  • Thank you for the invite :)
  • @Rishi @Goo-I'm interested to know too how you changed your past errors.

  • @Rishi By "changing my past errors" did you mean literally changing your past?

  • Have you guys enrolled already?
  • Great! Thanks, caacool

  • i find the website link to be rather helpful, but to those that don't see it, ^-^

  • My goal is to jump back in time 3-4 years. :D

  • Good evening all, I am so excited to find a time travel community! Where do I sign up for the course?

  • Thanks Jahara. One have no choice but to be faithful if it is the only chance of getting what you want.

  • Hey Goo, thank you for the faithfulness.

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