This group is to learn about quantum time travel (quantum jumping) and its relation to LOA, along with the "quantum paradigm" and to share quantum jumping experiences.

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Quantum Jumping - Time Travel For Pedestrians

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Please watch the movie below and share your comments.  I will be posting more information shortly.

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  • It's too bad we don't have a (known) precedent for deliberate time travel. I've read enough to know that ordinary manifestations, like money, good job, and ex-back, take two months tops if done properly and with great diligence to the method each day. However, I don't think any of us can say for sure how long it would take to travel in time. 

  • Hey Entangledintime, you can do send me also? or put a link via pm to me also.

    I was Reading the thing you put  answering the guy about Luck, i basically do the things you are saying, i observe the things i want while i make my own way "weaking" what i dont.

    :) :)

  • " As I walked out I saw one of the buildings beginning to "ghost". I could see an Ancient Egyptian building I had seen in a picture a few days before very faintly "superimposed" on it. "

    Its awesome and amazing, i want that :) :) :)

  • The scenes that i play in my head are from 20 years ago, i play talking with friends, and in my old house and neighborhood, and playing soccer in the street like i did in this time. I also imagine myself in my room in the bed like i was in my old room. I also tryed see me in the same body i haved. Its fun.

    I loved the Etheric Overlaind explanation you did in the main forum, i started tryng seeing reality overlaiding with a new enviroment for a few days with my eyes open, its a bit challenge, but the more i do, more easy become.


  • Forgive my poor language :)

  • I am a good stalker in things changed in my reality, i try see events as results what i am thinking, i have already a good practice about that, i also studied consciousness a bit, so, i change many things in my reality once i changed the way i see it.

    So, i was basically seeing myself in some years ago in my mind, i stared seeing old scenes with old friends, i see myself in the age i have in this time. I am good in doing theses thing already, i like do it every day with another things.

    So after it, i go out to a Grocery near my house i started hearing all types of old musics there, li remember thinking " Cool this muscic is sign that i did good" i thinked it in a playfull way, i was not naking any link, then after i think it, another old music starting playing , theses musics are from the time i was "seeing myself".

    Nothing fancing, but because i am a bit trained i know when something out of normal start appearing, if i proceed, many others things will start happening.

    Peoples also are looking, staring me to more than usual ( but i think the reason is not time travel, but related to another practice im  doing)

    Thats it. Nothing fancy :) :)

  • Hi Entangled time, im reading some your posts and i did some practice, i usually make things happens fast to me, maybe because i already change a bit my paradigm, so, i did some practice and look like i have some succes.


  • BTW I can't see the archives. I've been wondering Laura's question.

  • Hey, I'm not trying to disrespect, calm down, just saying. I know that you've a lot of knowledge about time travel. I'm not in the military but I got some affiliations.

    It's not an ''information'' but my theory. I don't want to discuss. Don't get me wrong :/

  • John Titor is Fake. I ain't saying Time Travel is not possible but he is fake. WW3 ain't happening (It will probably happen in 2030s. or 40s) US Military doesn't train children nor other civilians.

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