This group is to learn about quantum time travel (quantum jumping) and its relation to LOA, along with the "quantum paradigm" and to share quantum jumping experiences.

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Quantum Jumping - Time Travel For Pedestrians

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Please watch the movie below and share your comments.  I will be posting more information shortly.

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  • I remember reading something negative about Drunvalo Melchizedek and his merkaba... very nice to receive assurance from you. I'll stick with healing for awhile.

  • What will happen if you request time traveling?

  • Oh cool.

    One reason which stopped me from attempting Merkaba then was there were certain posts talking about its "dangers". (e.g. some people claimed to have experienced mental or physical/energy damage, energy drained by negative/dark sources, or certain teachers were "evil" or possessed, or that it can become harmful to oneself if the meditation were performed incorrectly with wrong ratios or the tetrahedrons were spinning the wrong way). Of course, there were also plenty of people experiencing very POSITIVE effects from the meditation (Like it's enlightenment, love, manifestations, traveling and so on). I seriously don't know whom to trust. But since it's working out for you I guess it's good?

    Also I read from a website (flower of life I think) that Merkabah was "intelligent" and it didn't matter how you phrases your wishes, because your "Light body" is "You" and it understands you. Hmm... I guess everyone experiences it different or your Merkaba has a very mischievous personality. :P

  • I recall that sometime ago, I was browsing about "ascension" and such, and came across webpages talking about the "merhabah". From what I remember from the articles, it was supposed to be "a light body vehicle" that allows you to travel multidimensionally via meditation, and that you are able to "program" it to do your bidding. Have you heard about or tried it before? If so, does it really do what it's supposed to do?

  • It would be interesting to know if unintentional jumps occur as a side effect of intentional jumps that other versions of ourselves in different time lines initiate. Maybe when they jump, they "push us around" as a result of their activity?

  • @EntangledInTime I think a separate thread for jump experiences is a great idea. I just experienced a second confirmed jump; another tree has appeared, this time a medium-sized acacia in my own back yard.

  • @EntangledinTime Hopefully, members of this group will soon be able to share deliberate jumps exceeding the known two week jump. I am very excited to see what we can do!

    @everyone Let's share our first jumps! 

    Here's mine. On the way to work, I noticed a couple of pine trees in the landscaping alongside the road, and I never saw them there before. They are at least thirty feet tall and clearly have not been planted recently.

  • ok...thank you!  yeah, i would just call synchronicities basic law of attraction.  perhaps a jump would qualify as you finding your car in an entirely different parking space where you are "sure" you left it. 

  • Hello, I know I have been "quiet" on here, but I received your email with the modules a few weeks back. I DID watch "what the bleep", and am still trying to process it. I actually remember watching it back in 2009 maybe, but it was WAY over my head. It's still a bit confusing for me, which is why I haven't been able to answer any of your questions yet.  I've had to re-read your questions over and over to try and come up with an answer.  Am I the only one?  I really do believe this, but still trying to wrap my head around what is presented.

    For those wondering, these are the 2 questions I'm stuck on...

    Do you feel "synchronicities" are part of the quantum paradigm. Is so, how would you explain them?

    What do you mean by "synchronicities"?

    Since many "jump" events appear to be random, how do you see the role of intention in being able to initiate or control them?

    What do you mean by "role of intention"?  



  • I meant large "leaps." Months to years. 

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