Your vibrational frequency determines your experience of life! This forum is for sharing ideas around raising your vibration.This group is founded and moderated by Julia Rogers Hamrick who specializes in teaching about vibrational management.
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Frequency-Raising Resources

Do you aspire to live a joyful, creative, powerful, high-vibe life?

There is a wealth of frequency-raising resources on my primary website,

Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System


Some of Julia's videos about frequency raising:
Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System:

Vibrational Frequency and Emotion

Solving Problems By Raising Your Vibrational Frequency

Techniques for Raising Your Vibrational Frequency

Be sure to check out my Squidoo Lens "How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency" for links to more information on frequency raising!

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  • I accidentally ran across this on Youtube and got excited since I am in dire need of raising my frequencies right now.  Best of luck to all of you.


  • It was cool...I read your info and saw the ways you mentioned for one to raise their vibration...I saw had this thought to go try and do a handstand...and
    I definitely feel a raised vibration every time I think about it!
  • Hello.I'm very happy to be part of the group and I'm Looking foward to lifting my vibrations as well.Love to learn more about that and how..Thanx so much and Blessings to all Always!
  • Today I reach for the highest thought I have!
  • Hi, Morning Star~

    Look just above this in the "Frequency-Raising Resources" box You'll find lots of your questions answered via those resources.

    Love and Joy,

  • Very excited--been working on a free e-course about managing your vibration! Stay tuned for my announcement of its launch!!!
  • Here are some more
  • Hello i like your thoughts thank you for raising my vibration here is a pretty picture for your page
  • Welcome to all the new members! I hope you'll share your experiences here and tell us how you keep your vibration up!
  • Be sure to read my article about Swine Flu and your vibrational frequency!
    Swine Flu: Three Powerful Reasons to Be Fearless
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Dear Friends,You're invited to join others around the worldand receive High-Frequency MANIFESTATIONAL and Healing EnergyThursday, June 11 (9-11PM EST- NY Time)2 FULL HOURS of Transmission from the Powerful Vortex Area of SEDONA, Arizona!!Raise your Frequency and Attract Alike.I DO THESE SESSIONS EVERY THURSDAY AT THE SAME TIME.EVERYONE IS ALWAYS WELCOME! :)To participate simply go to my website and sign your name or...send me a message at:…

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