Brainwave entrainment helps us turn an inner eye upon how we discover and experience that which is within us. Throughout our life, we acquire many diverse experiences, and now in the modern age these experiences can be enhanced through the use of brainwave synchronized technology. There is an un-knowable depth to our inner mind, and brainwave entrainment, like meditation, opens up our awareness to the vast depths of our consciousness, unlocking for us, an entire new depth within our lives.

Shamanic traditions have illustrated for thousands of years how reality is defined by perception and perspective. This is the gift which technology is now bestowing upon the modern human. At its very essence, brainwave entrainment has its roots sunk deep inside the nature of consciousness. This isn't merely a new technology; it is fast becoming a phenomenon.

It all comes down to brainwave synchronization and what we decide to do with it. There is something in this for everyone. Distinct life experiences, offer different perspectives, and each perspective holds different areas of exploration. Therefore people from all walks of life have something special and uniquely their own to discover.

Think for a bit how the assorted brainwave entrainment frequencies modify ones consciousness. The alpha frequency holds meditative qualities which allow for deep relaxation. The gamma frequency in effect speeds up the mind allowing for elevated learning abilities or even higher spiritual experiences. In the end you don't have to be a Buddhist monk or a New Ageist to love and prize brainwave synchronization.

Brainwave entrainment offers even more; in cases where people suffer from insomnia for example, they could learn how to move their own brainwave frequencies into the delta frequency. Or conversely whilst needing to concentrate upon something one could resolve to change their state of mind into the beta frequency. This is the potential which brainwave synchronization has to offer us all. Most martial arts are founded upon the development of muscle memory through the use of repetition. This same principle can be taken over to brainwave entrainment where your very mind may change state at the flick of a switch. This brings with it all fashion of benefits.

Brainwave entrainment is a technology which promises to open untold doorways for us, and is one of the few mundane means through which we may contribute to our future personal and global development.

There's more to brainwave entrainment than is presented here, but this is basically how it works. If you're interested in trying it out, it is best to download a full session or purchase a CD. The 10 minute free trials offered on many websites don't really give entrainment enough time to work, but the 70 minutes of FREE Brainwave Entrainment MP3 at are more than enough to the meditation purposes

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