Reiki group for practitioners and students. Hosted by Reiki Grand Masters, Tysha & Chris Tinney.

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We're a community of Reiki Practioners and students spreading the healing energy of Reiki and supporting each other in living the "Reiki Lifestyle".

For today only do not anger, do not worry. Be grateful and do your work with appreciation, For this is Spiritual Awakening. Be kind to all living things.

In the morning and at night, With hands held in prayer,
Think this with your mind, Chant this with your mouth.
Keep good intentions in your heart.


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  • Hi, thank you for this group. level 1 + 2 usui
    Love and light :-)
  • Let's "seeeeeeee"......I have only worked with my Reiki Master a few times, yet she has told me of the amazing energy I hold as we both felt and experienced a grand experience through this work each time, and she has instructed me in just these few sessions as how to go about my own personal healing work...and she usually does not go so as far as to teach the people she works on....I did feel honored and blessed....and connected.

    I have moved a little from this personal healing (though not far) and shared what I already know with those close to me, however I still have much to learn no matter how much I practice, read to learn, or get in tune myself with these energies.

    And I feel it is of the utmost importance that I learn to the best of my ability all that I am able in order to REALLY help those that reach out to me.

    Thanks for a really nice group here, Chris!

    Much Love,

  • Ii like Reiki.


  • Halo ALL AND MUCH LOVE! I am a Reiki Grand Master and am the director and founder of UMI ( www, ) Blessings and happy holidays
  • I love Reiki! I am level 1 and 2:)
    Thanks for your group..
  • Hello Chris;
    Thanks for the invite here. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher & love Reiki. Use it daily & constantly!
  • Dear Chris Tinney,
    Just passing by wanted to see how this works so I am here accidentally.
    I am a Grand Reiki Master of Usui System and working since 12 years.
  • Hi Ya
    How are you today
    I hope your good,
    thank you for asking me yo join this site
    It would be a pleasure, so I have accepted
    I am a Reiki Master and teacher
    I also practice, Yin-Fu, EFT, and Indian Head Massage
    I look forward to exchanging knowledge with you
    so as to make this world a better place
    for the good of all

    love light and wellbeing
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