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  • Good to meet you here. Thank you for Sharing. Put your intentions out and success will follow. Daily meditation does help to clear the mind and reminds you the benefits of positive attitude.

  • Hi Nur Ray, i have learned to practice Reiki online and am a Reiki II practicioner, I have practiced on friends and family and I have felt vibrations on certain body parts and have found out that they have had issues with those exact body parts, Is there anything special to do when i am doig distant Reiki, and can you give me any advice as i would like to start practicing Reiki as a healing career. I believe i was called to do it as it all came as i was going through a really bad time and become very Spiritual and started meditating.

  • Your most welcome Reikipowee

  • Thanku Nur Ray fr sharing...:)
  • And also, this is a reccomendation:

    What is the benefit of eating raw food?

    There are so many thoughts to share on this topic, and here is my summary of the logic:

    Raymond Francis wrote "Never Be Sick Again" and "Never Be Fat Again." He is a chemist who

    went to MIT and has this really simplistic theory on why people get sick or fat... He says,

    basically, that ALL sickness and ALL problems with the body are the result of a malfunctioning

    cell (or many cells, obviously!).

    He goes on to say that there are two reasons for a cell to malfunction: not getting enough of

    what it needs, or getting too much of what it doesn’t need. He recommends not eating

    anything out of a box or that is packaged -- because these things most likely have a bunch of

    stuff we don’t need and not enough of what we do need.

    And that’s the cool thing about going raw.

    Raw gives you all the things your body needs, and

    it doesn’t add to the preservatives, animal protein, sugar, salt and all the other toxins it doesn’t


    If your body isn’t forced to use its energy to focus on digesting and ridding it of food that

    it doesn’t need, your its limited resources (more energy with raw food!) can be used to heal

    and prevent unwanted diseases and symptoms.

    Beyond logic, is the reality of the way we feel on raw food. I, for example, do not need Ritalin

    or other stimulants in order to focus. I don’t need coffee to wake up. I have huge amounts of

    energy and don’t have acne or ulcerative colitis or any other issues that plagued me before I

    finally discovered this “diet” and “went raw.”


  • Well I think you are asking for help which only you can help to yourself. Try follow a healthy diet, do some exercise.If you beleive in that you will lose weight than you would. Put your intention out more positively and strongly. Good luck

  • Ur affirmations n knwledge is great... If u can help in reducing fat frim thighs inparticular...
    After so mny healings i yet cnt get onto weightloss...
  • By the way unwanted interference requires mind power and some external help

  • Tubeculosi in intestine: Wrk on arge Intestine Mridien - Use all the symbols which ever you are drawn to. Assimilation, Absorbation Affirnation I easily Assimilate and and absorb all that I need to know and reease the past with joy


    I can see all these problems related to having a negative attitude torwards life and hanging on things which do not exist anymore It would be good to explain the individuals what the reaoons are and encourage them to continue having Reiki. Have you watched

    As you are aware whtever you say your body that what your body accepts. Negativity brings down your immune system
    Also perhaps recommedn Dona Eden Book. Great help!
    Hope it helped Love & Healing
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • Corns: Hardened area of thought - why holding on to pain - I wonder it is the right foot. Work on the Bladder Meridien Affirnation : I am one with all life. The universe totalls suports me

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