We welcome everyone who is interested in learning and sharing information about Reiki. It is open for beginners and for those who are Reiki master/teacher practitioners. We honor and respect all lineages of Reiki. With Love & Light
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  • Slip disc: Feeling tottaly unsuppoted by ife - Work on The Baldder Meridien - Afffirmative: Life Supports all my thoughts , therefore I love and approve of myself¬† and all is well

  • I hv done all these things
    N that too in family..
  • Lactose intolerence - Abdomonal cramps - Linking to fera which is stopping the process- Work on Stomach Meridien- Not sure you have a map that shows where the meridien is. Start from the head and work downward. If you are using a pendulum it will show where the blockage is which is now obvious. Afirmation is I trust the process of Life . I am Safe Use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nne Symbol. I found it very powerful

    Slip disc:

  • I might have... You are 3rd degree Reiki Master as I understand. Hope these are not affecting your family

  • U hv nythin to share?
  • All healings.... Lactose intolerence of a three year old,slip disc in a month,a big painfull corn in feet ,tuberculosis in intestine...
    Situations like unwanted interfernce ,safety frm bad situation,emotional healing,acne.... N few more
  • Great to hear from you Reikipowee. What would you like to share?

  • Would like to share...
  • Not sure if this group is still active and communicating Reiki therapy benefits and whether anybody interested in learning more about it or wants some distance helaing sent

  • ok so can we send reiki through this site as people are doing. Also can reiki hel pople that have panic or anxiety disorders as very young children?

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