Vibrational Relationship; Say What?

Vibrational relationship; what for heavens sake is a vibrational relationship anyway; you might ask?

We exist in vibrational relationship with each and every aspect of our environment. These existing relationships coordinate to form our 3 dimensional experience; 'Earth School'!

"New neurological research indicates that humans’ tremendous brainpower, even operating below tenpercent of our capacity, results not just from biochemistry but from the
brain’s impressive ability to function as a holographic data storage
and retrieval system (a “hard-drive”) that employs different light
angles to read information (“software”). This implies ... that the brain
is a sophisticated holographic bio-computer that operates through
electromagnetic frequencies. Not surprisingly, DNA has been shown to
function very similarly. Human biology may thus be considered
electromagnetic at the level of its manifestation from the torsion
life-wave that sustains it. As Deepak Chopra has observed, human cells,
far from being merely functional vessels, are in actuality
electromagnetic fields of possibility and potential."

   ~Sol Luckman

A person with passion, purpose, perspective, persistent-focus, personal-affection, perceptive-awareness, and who is proactively-engaged with 'the light' is in position to develop and derive increased happiness in her/his life. ~Dave Kenyon

"One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy  of pure love and reverence
for all of life will counterbalance the negativity of 750,000 individuals who
calibrate at the lower weakening levels. "

   ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

What insights, if any, have you gained from this discussion? How do you wish to enrich the discussion with your energy? How do you see this idea that we are in relationship with our total environment? Please share your thoughts and feelings knowing that there is no judgment of right and wrong here; just that this discourse hopefully will translate into: oneness collaboration; dialog; growth of all; and enhanced awareness activation harmonizing action.


Dave Kenyon

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  • Elle, I couldn't agree more; since my alignment with Reiki Energy my life has flowed and embraced numerous healing modalities; so much love and good has flowed; I am so grateful. ~Dave
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