Our groups purpose is to create insights that will enable enhanced relationships for you and me.
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Welcome to a Deeper Awareness of Relationship!

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"No road is long with good company." ~Turkish Proverb

"The most important ingredient we put into any relationship is not what we say or what we do, but what we are." ~ Stephen R. Covey

"My primary relationship is with myself- all others are mirrors of it." ~ Shakti Gawain

"Relationships are assignments. They are part of a vast plan for our enlightenment, the Holy Spirit's blueprint by which each individual soul is led to greater awareness and expanded love...
In the holy relationship, it's understood that we all have unhealed places, and that healing is the purpose of our being with another person. We don't try to hide our weaknesses, but rather we understand that the relationship is a context for healing through mutual forgiveness."
~Marianne Williamson

Relation~Shift, the group, is :about providing a forum where we are able to learn and grow in awareness and understanding about what is a nurturing and vital relationship; about discovering the concept that we are always in relationship with someone or something; including ideas and concepts; and about crafting a nurturing and loving relationship with ourselves which is our primary relationship. Without harmony in our relationship with our-self there can be no harmony as we relate to others. Light & Love, Dave

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  • Awesome, This perfect understanding in relation to The Emerald Tablets I think ,,yippie information Dave.. :) Thank You...Namaste You.. :)
  • Reclaiming Your Personal Power Through Understanding of 'Self-Talk'

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    Fear-based beliefs are the foundation of moving upstream. Our negative self-talk is how we maintain our conscious status quo beliefs.Substitution with positive self-talk is an empowering way to remove those negative fear-based beliefs. Choose fear-free thought as your focus that will turn you downstream and in the direction of your cherished dreams. ~Dave Kenyon

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    "If you want to reach a state of bliss, then go beyond your ego and the internal dialogue. Make a decision to relinquish the need to control, the need to be approved, and the need to judge. Those are the three things the ego is doing all the time. It's very important to be aware of them every time they come up.."
    ~Deepak Chopra

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    Insight Incites Change

  • "To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people; to
    appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit
    better... to know even one life has breathed easier because you have
    lived. This is to have succeeded." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    " The earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected, like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." ~ Chief Seattle

    May your life be filled with loving joy-filled experiences that your way of being, in the world, makes manifest. ~Dave Kenyon

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  • ‎"God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "Thank You?" ~William Author Ward~

  • “When you come to the edge of all the light you know,
    and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown,
    faith is knowing one of two things will happen:
    There will be something solid to stand on,
    or you will be taught how to fly.”
    ~Saint Augustine

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    "I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things." ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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    "Angels can fly because they carry no burdens." ~Quoted in The Angels' Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman

    Learning to fly begins with a systematic removal of any and all fear-based beliefs that keep you from knowing you were meant to soar joyfully through your life." ~Dave Kenyon

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    Insight Incites Change
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Attaining Enlightenment through Relationship

Attaining Enlightenment through RelationshipLife is about relationship. It is your main spiritual practice.Relationships are difficult and challenging spiritual practices. They giveus the opportunity to test our skills of communication, intimacy,authenticity, and integrity. They also give us a chance to retrieveour soul and our spirit.Have you stopped dancing with your soul? Have you stopped lettingyour soul sing and express from its very heart and being? Somany people have lost their song of…

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Align with a Natural Flow in Your Relationships

"The universe operates through dynamic exchange... giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. and in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives."     ~Deepak Chopra"To know oneself is the first step toward making flow a part of one's entire life. But just as there is no free lunch in the material economy, nothing comes free in the psychic one. If one is not willing to invest psychic energy in…

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Enlightened Relationships

Relationships - Enlightened Relationshipsby Suma VarugheseNone of us are free because we are all pulled and pushed by the relationships in our lives. theydetermine our moods, motives and actions. how then are we to be free ofthese factors and sail into relationships that are loving andbeautiful, but not coercive? The philosopher, J. Krishnamurti, used to put a hugepremium on relationships. To be, he used to say, is to be related. Whathe meant by this somewhat cryptic statement was that we are…

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Vibrational Relationship; Say What?

Vibrational relationship; what for heavens sake is a vibrational relationship anyway; you might ask?We exist in vibrational relationship with each and every aspect of our environment. These existing relationships coordinate to form our 3 dimensional experience; 'Earth School'!"New neurological research indicates that humans’ tremendous brainpower, even operating below tenpercent of our capacity, results not just from biochemistry but from thebrain’s impressive ability to function as a…

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