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  • Hello everyone, thanks for allowing me into this group! I've read some of the post here, very insightful! I started a blog about my experiences with RS and RI a little over a week ago, http://www.powerfulintentions.org/profiles/blog/list?user=330ef2p2j...
    But I've been really discouraged lately with using the techniques but maybe I will try again.
  • Thank you allowing me to join the group ... this is WONDEFUL!
  • thanks fro letting me join the group!!
  • Yaaayyy !!! 100 Members !!! ^ - ^
  • There are 111 discussion going on at this time... I'm just saying! ;)

    Angel wink.
  • I am fabulous! I had to join!!!!!!!!!!!
    cheers to a fabulous life for all of us, life of fabulosity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • soooooooooooo happy to be a member!
  • I'm new and fabulous and IF anyone has a great amount of energy they could share...please share it with me. Thanks. Blessings
  • Hi Everyone
    'I am new here as you probably know. I have read a couple of the discussions and it all looks really interesting. I mainly want to influence my guy who travels, gets busy and tends to forget to call or email me. I want him, first, to communicate with me as the main goal. I don't mind reasonable length separations as long as there is communication in between. I have tried some things already with a rather surprising success but not in communication I'll put it in a discussion later on. I have to take the dog for a walk now. She's using RI on me again. I could feel her eyes boring into me, take me for a walk, take me for a walk.LOL.
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Pomba gira ??

hi am new here ... was browsing some earlier discussions and came across this thing called Pomba Gira ?? what is it ?? Can someone please explain me in detailand why is this place dead ...common all you fabulous ppl make some noise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love kbs

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Just thought I'd share a great event that happened. I have been using RS to connect with the one I desire. I feel the sessions have been great and I come out with such a great sense of peace and happiness. Well yesterday, I decided to take a break and just enjoy the now. I was sitting in a room with nothing but quietness and all of a sudden, I got the strongest feeling of his essence all around me. Something was telling me to just text him, text him, text him. Sooo...I texted him :) Nothing…

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Need Advice. Desperate need of Help

Hi,I am 29 years old man. I am desperately and uncontrollably in love with a woman. Intially she showed lot of interest in me, but few misundersatnding occured. I decided to forget everything and start it up.I went and expressed my feelings to her. But she refused. I am heartbroken. But i want her back.Can any one suggest me some good RI/RS method that i can use to influence her and gain her back.Kindly sugest.Regards,TrueLove

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