For over 30 years, hundreds of thousands have discovered that the scientifically validated Sedona Method is the fastest most powerful technique today..
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  • This truly is a wonderful technique! I've been using it for less than a week and I've seen some amazing results inside myself. It's much like Buddhism in ideology but is created so that a beginner can begin healing almost immediately! This is a good technique for anyone; young, old, ill, emotionally turmoiled, ect.

    I'm an editor and I placed the holosync soundtrack under some of the dialogue of the Sedona Method. I've been meditating for forty minutes to two hours every day while listening to the created soundtrack. It's very effective and it's improved my life. I feel happier and more at peace!

    Everyone should at least try it! You've got nothing to lose :)
  • This evening, I used the "Feeling Great" bonus CD from the Practical Freedom holistic releasing set.

    What I appreciate about using holistic releasing statements is that, unlike affirmations, you don't have to believe anything for them to work.

    You don't have to try to convince yourself that anything is true. You simply allow yourself to be open to the statements or questions, and allow them to do their work.

    With holistic releasing, and releasing in general, there is no way you can get it wrong.

    Carl Norman
    Idaho USA
  • I used the "HIgh Self-Esteem" CD from The Practical Freedom holistic releasing series this morning. I always feel better after using this CD.

    I release on the negative feelings I have about myself and the self-criticism. I feel more relaxed and open.

    Carl Norman
    Idaho USA
  • Hi and welcome to the Sedona Method. As there are other Sedona Method websites on Ning, I thought it was about time that it had a presence in this huge community. Hale Dwoskin has stated that Sedona is the secret behind the secret, and I truly believe it. Investigate it for yourself and you will find the answer to your frustrations, the solution to your resistance and the key to your success and happiness.

    But, again, don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself.
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