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About the 15x technique

I am just writing with a question about the 15x technique.  Now I know that the background basically came from Scott Adams in the 1980s when he started writing out what he wanted 15 times a day even though he didn't really believe in it but his wishe

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The 15x technique

I wonder if anyone could help me please.


I have started doing the 15x techinique. Today is my 4th day and I plan to do it for 90 days. Is that right?

Can I expect anything before the 90 days are up?


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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I'm really excited! Few months ago Cailly and I talked about a reunion. Anyway, I'm going to visit her in 2 weeks and we're also seeing one of our favourite bands while I'm there. In addition, I think I've manipulated my guy to come pay us a visit as

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Yay! Thank you universe!

Some of you will remember from over a year ago, that I was trying to stay legally in a foreign country and get a job etc. I'd been living here for 7 years but my visa renewal was rejected. Well, just to let you know. I found out yesterday that they d

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