I just took note of a test I done and it took 9 months,but it's wonderful.


The test was like this.We all heard of 15 times a day from scott adams,but I realized and concluded that cues are the mainly factor for getting everything you put in.You can do 100 hours very quickly for example and not even get 1% of it,but then someone who did less can get all there hours and there is a way.



10 at least seconds.It's been found that if you do a good base of 10 hours or more then you will reach a good level of your goal or reach it.


10 seconds is all you need to do everyday.For example every morning I would when I brush my teeth I would focus  "I have white healthy teeth" and even the first 2 months my teeth in indeed got whiter and healthier.


10 seconds is all you need to do and in 9 months you will get your full amount of time,so doing a base is and then just doing 10 seconds atleast will do you fine.


You can focus more ,but doing atleast this 10 seconds will add a cue everyday to insure you get results.


One of my friends wanted to be able to attract more girls,so he would focus 10 seconds everyday(I attract beautiful sexy women that love me) and every time he sees a women he likes he focused(2 seconds or more) on each girl he wants.(He did a base of around 7 hours)In 6 months he went from just having only a few girls who were his friends to over 20 girls fighting over him(He got more then he expected lol....I laughed so hard when I saw how many times his phone rang).


Another woman just focused on making more money(She did every night before she went to sleep)


She now makes over 150 dollars a day and wins around 2,000-5,000 dollars from bingo alone.Also her husband got a promotion and gives her money almost everyday(around 50-100 dollars).The base was 10 hours)...hmm...On average that's 7500 dollars a month.


That's a lot of money for just 10 seconds a day.


Another women wanted to marry this guy and after 2 months of this they got engaged.


To make this better it's better to focus three times the average you do a day when you face a decline.


If you miss a day it's okay just keep going.10 seconds a day can change your life.10 seconds is not hard and so all you really got to do is remember and remember you can do more if you wish,but understand 10 seconds is all you need to do,but do a BASE FIRST,then start it.



Also since it's just 10 seconds you can do it with any method...as long as it's only 10 seconds if you do it with other methods.


NOTE - writing 15 times a day is much better,because it's always about 3 mins,which is over 18 hours in a year,so if you can do write 15 times a day at least.



I went this far to make it REALLY easy for you,so do your best and enjoy life :)





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  • cool:) good idea and 10 seconds a day is better than nothing right:D im going to give it a try^^
  • You can do that.It's better to do 10 hours of focusing while on the internet then 5 hours fully focusing.
  • I have a question. When starting the base do you have to be fully focused on your intention or can there be interruptions? Like say I'm affirming to myself while browsing the internet. Will it still be ok or do I have to be only focused on my intention?
  • This is a long term method,so it can take months or longer(so far no longer then 9 months) ,but depends on your base.


    This is not really a method and is just for insurance.What I mean is as long as you do 10 seconds a day of your intention(If you do any of the method,then only do 15 seconds.


    The 10 seconds is just to make cues everyday to insure you get the full result(All the hours you put will come)


    "Push and recover method" is recommend if you wanna try a method.



    • I mean 15 seconds lol
  • Hi Goddy,

    About how long did it take them to get results?

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