Someone just now made me remember about this so gotta update now.


After over 3 years I noticed a lot and am here to example some key factors for success.


1.If you do a pattern over and over no matter what you will get results(The longest I seen a goal met is 9 months)


2.Never Give up(If you really want it then keep it up)


3.If it's working then keep it up,because it will get you more results(A lot of people give up before reaching that get shot in the learning curve where everything starts happening at a super pace.


4.Every 3 months you will met the goal or will be 30-100 times closer(Depends on how much you focus)


5.Put in a enough time(From what I found 10-20 hours is all you need to start with before going after any goal and just add more to it as you go on.)


Last.if you been doing a pattern and you miss it by mistake it's okay,because this is connected to your success,but keep on going.(Yet most of the time this will happen when it's needed you get a result)





With that done let me talk about 15 times a day.



The fact of the matter it works really good and one just has to do it atleast.So writing 15 times atleast is all you need to do everyday.You can focus more if you want and even can visualize though out the day.


You might ask how I found this out.Well I wanted to test the 9 month theory.I looked up "weight Plateau" and saw a article about how 9 months is where things really hit high gear and also looked up businesses work by 3 months at a time,so during that they work hard and only look at the 3 months as there update time.I also read about women who grew back there hair focusing everyday and it was 3 months for one,5 months for another and 8 months for another.This was all very interesting and so I decided to do a test with 5 of my friends who can keep it up,but they also had to write in notes books(so I can count and make sure) and also had to write a small entry everyday on how they felt and what is happening.


This was over a year back and I'm here to say they all got what they wanted.One did use it get back with her husband and did.They all met the full result within 9 months.



So understand that as long as you do something over and over(Everyday or 2-3 times a week are the best to pick if you can handle doing it that long) then you will get results.


After this I  had one of my friends who didn't believe in Loa/Intension/Power of the mind/God,etc at all,so I made a deal with him.


He wanted to make 200 a day(He was making about 95 bucks a day at the time).I make sure he had to prove to me he was doing it(Showing me all the sheets of paper in notebook) and he had to do it atleast 9 months or meet/closer to goal.


Remember he is writing 15 times a day


Month 1(Was find bits of money)

Month 2(Got offered more money,but then it went away)

Month 3(Noting to speck of)(Plateau)

Month 4(Noting really)(Plateau)

Month 5(Got the offer to make money again)

Month 6(Won over 50,000 in a month)

Month 7(Makes 250 dollars a day helping his friend who he has not seen in a long time business) took seven months,but it happen.I know he would get results as long as he kept it up for atleast 9 months(This is longest I seen someone had to wait to reach a full goal)


P.S if a you get some form of result within the first month,then whatever you are doing just keep doing it and within 9 months you will have AMAZING(Not the little or semi I mean the kind of results you are begging for) results 100%




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  • Everything relates to your level of skill and aim is always to get the desired result you want.



    The more you practice the better the results will be when they come though.



    Do your best :)

  • im very sure the 15x technique works..

    every time.. so far i tested it maybe 4 times or 5.. every time i write done that my Ex, with who i dont have any kind of contact, woudl contact me.. he does it out of the blue.. just beginning of the week i started doing it and afte rtwo days i thought well never mind, lets not do that.. 2 days later he wrote me after not hearing from him since a year..

    this happened really like 4 times so far, maybe 5... only when i did the 15x technique, he doesnt contact me beside this i think....

    usually its weird ways of contact.. not friendly..and usualyl within 2 to 5 days only..


    i wonder tho, why does he react to my intention so fast, but also so not friendly..>_> :)

  • "What is 10 hour base?"


    Just focusing for 10 hours before doing a method so as to have enough for the goal you want.It's pretty much a foundation.


    "You do meditation or write for 10 hours?"


    You can do any form of focusing except listening to a audio.


    "Do you have to do it consecutively in 1 day?"


    You don't have to,but you can if you want.All you gotta do is finish the 10 hours before starting anything.


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    • Can you stare at the photo of someone you love and want back? talk to them? Write down affirmations. Visualize. If your focus wanders, will it still be considered 10-hour of focusing? Thanks
    • As long as you expect it to work,yes,yes and do your best not to wander,so if you wander just go back to focus and as time goes by your level of concentration will increase.  


      Just give it your all and things will work out,so relax and just focus 

  • What is 10 hour base? You do meditation or write for 10 hours? Do you have to do it consecutively in 1 day?
  • All you gotta do is focus and everything will be okay,so being happy,sad,etc doesn't effect the outcome,BUT it's more enjoyable to be happy then sad,but that's about it.Rich people must get a lot of stress and yet they are still rich,I seen people in relationships that seem to cause them a lot of sadness and pain,but they are still together(Well now the relationships are WAY BETTER because of my help,but before was pretty bad lol)


    Focus and stay consistent and you can't lose.




    • oke will do=) and of course i keep you guys updated on how it goes:)

      thank you

  • i also have a question.. what if i choose to manifest somethign which makes me also sad when thinking about it and let emotions get into getting an Ex back..

    would it still be workign if i would write it 15times a day? plus visualizing a bit during the day?

    or would it be better to just write it down without too muhc emotions so the sadness wouldnt have a chance?

    im not sure yet tho if i should attract a new mate or the old one:) maybe i can do both and decide then hehe


    i want to give it a try again after my vacation.. during the trip i wont be able to write daily, because i will be in the jungle.sharing a room with 2 other people all the time, so better to start afterwards i guess...i really try to go for as long as it takes if possible.. i want results, no matter what=D

    thanks again for all your tips and advices on this side

  • It's recommended,so you have enough energy for the action.The amount of energy you put into something decides in the end how much you get out of it.Some people here wanna be billionaires for example,but then I think "do they have enough for that action?" and "do they have enough cues produce that action"



    If you feel confident that you have enough for the action you desire then no need for a base and if you are truly unsure do a 10 hr base.


    If you don't have a base you will still end up focusing more when you start getting results(You will just feel like doing more to met your action,but having a base early on makes it easier for you).Your mind will make you focus enough as time goes on to meet the action,but first you need to stick with it long enough before everything starts falling into place.



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