It takes about 30 days for it to kick in. It'll actually kick in instantly, but things will start manifesting and coming into your life very rapidly. I'd hate to say, you know, the old rule of thumb is 21 days, but I've seen it happen sooner, I've seen it happen longer. So the key is daily effort. You need to do this exercise every single day without missing a day from here on out, pretty much. And as you start to get your new goal in you switch goals and do it on the next goal. So let's go ahead and get started. The first thing just open up a notebook and I've got mine here. Just open it up to a clean page. At the top of the page you're going to write what it is that you want to happen, and attach a feeling to it. 

For example, let's talk about money since that seems to be what everyone is interested in. The first thing you attach the event and attach an emotion to it. So step one is, "I…", and you want to state it in the form of as if it's happening right now, or if it's already happened. So step one would be, "I am making $(Lots) dollars per day, and feel relieved and excited about my life, and look forward to more fun in the days to come." What I've done there is made a statement. "I'm making 300 dollars per day." That's the objective. But I'm not saying, "I'm going to make 300 dollars per day," I'm saying, "I am making 300 per day," and that's how we're going to talk about this as if it's happening right now. What's going on? "I'm making 300 dollars per day," and we're talking about how it feels right now to make 300 dollars per day. 
You might be making minimum wage right now, but we're not talking about that. We're talking about you decided you wanted to make 300 dollars per day. Let's pretend like you're making 300 dollars per day, except this is not pretending, this is for real because what we feel and think on the inside attracts things on the outside to match what we feel like on the inside. I've got tons of proof how this works. I've done it a million times. It's wonderful. This is free. This is a daily exercise, you asked for it, here it is. So that's step one. "I am making 300 dollars per day," and how do I feel? "I feel relieved and excited about my life, and I look forward to more fun in the days to come." That's something that I feel, and you want to pick something that you really feel in your words. How do you feel? Imagine that you're making 300 dollars per day, and how does it feel? And get up in that space to where you're making 300 dollars per day, and how does it feel, and write it down. And then the second step to this is, and you write this out, "I support myself in making 300 dollars per day, and am grateful for my life and income." The key part of step two is, "I support myself in," whatever it is. "I support myself," okay? So that's the second step. And in this example, "I support myself in making 300 dollars per day, and am grateful for my life and income," that's something that I feel. Obviously gratitude's important. I'd suggest to you, consider that in your number two statement.And then number three is the fun part. Number three is where you get up in there and you own it, and you talk about everything that's going on. And this is actually where you want to get up into that picture, and stay there, and hold it for as long as you can. So, for example, we'll just go through an example here. Number three is basically you describe, and you write down, and talk about feelings, and talk about how what's going on in your life. Of course the 300 dollars in cash, you know, the paper part of it is not what we're looking for. We're looking for the emotion, and the lifestyle and what's it doing for you. What's it like? What's if feel like? What's it smell like? What's going on? What are other people saying? What's it feel like? So, in this example, I'm just going to write it out here. "I am so happy that I am now making 300 dollars per day. I feel so relieved. I am more relaxed. I can pay all my bills. I can do almost anything I want to." And you get the idea. We're staying up in there, and what you need to do is to focus and stay up in there for a long time. I mean when I say a long time I'm talking like you want to go for five minutes a day if you can, and just keeping writing about it. And what you'll find is that this feeling will start to come up inside of you about how it feels as if you've already made 300 dollars per day. Again, you might be making minimum wage, but that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about you already make 300 dollars per day, and how does it feel. And you do this exercise, and continue to write. This is not a journal. This is a specific written manifestation exercise. This is not like anything that you've probably ever done before. What happens is you get this feeling, and that feeling is the exact same feeling that you get when it actually happens. Now, I have to emphasize, I don't know all the spiritual things that are at work here. What I do know is that this works. And what I also know is that when it actually happens that's the exact same feeling you'll get when it happens. So the purpose of this exercise is, is for you to get comfortable with that feeling. At first it might feel a little uncomfortable, but don't worry about it. Just keep writing. I mean it's a joyful pleasant experience because if you didn't want it in the first place it wouldn't be there, right? I mean in step one, "I'm making 300 dollars per day," if you didn't want 300 dollars per day don't put that down there. If you want a girlfriend, boyfriend, love of your life, you want to get married, have kids, get a new house, pay off your credit cards, whatever it is. Because you can do whatever you want to do, okay? Just, again, in step one it's whatever the event is and how you feel about it. Step two is, "I support myself," in whatever it is.And Step three is you get in there and you step into the picture as if it's happening right now, and you just stay there in writing. The writing helps you stay focused on it. And you'll have this feeling come up. You get used to feeling, get comfortable with it, get to know it, become a friend with it.Then step four is similar to step two. Step four is a Thank You to your Higher Power for giving this to you and states it as if it has already happened, "Thank You so much for letting me make 300 per day and I'm very, very, very grateful for this opportunity. Thank you." And that's it.



I tried this and it works really well,but you have to do it everyday and I tested it,so it worked every time.I mainly posted this to show that if you do something enough times you will get results,so remember if you do something long enough you will get results and they will grow more and more.Scott did it,This guy did it and I did it,so do your best with any method and keep it up.Never give up and you will get what you want.





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  • The way I use it was to do it for EVERYTHING.I have a few main ones which I do everyday and the rest is just whatever I feel like it,so go nuts :)



    • thank u so much!!!! for ur replay!!!



  • love that technique sounds so good and easy to gonna try it and tell u my success story soon :)

    i wanna ask something can i do it for 2 things i want? ex  money and relationship?? but write ex for money the morning and night write about a relationship?or i should concentrate in one thing at time??


    thanks alot


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