About the 15x technique

I am just writing with a question about the 15x technique.  Now I know that the background basically came from Scott Adams in the 1980s when he started writing out what he wanted 15 times a day even though he didn't really believe in it but his wishes/desires still came true. 


So, I'm not quite sure why this is (I think I have too much time on my hands) but lately I have been thinking a lot about my ex and how I would really just like him back in my life.  I have been considering doing the 15x technique to generate more conversation between us, we do email very irregularly, but I would at least like to have more interaction.  I'm not sure if I want a relationship with him just as time has passed and we both could have changed, so there is no garauntees that I would want a relationship with him if I got to know who he is now but I would still like to opportunity to get to know him again.  Goody, do you think the 15x technique will work in this situation.  I wonder what about free will, what if he is happy with me out of his life so he can move on to what makes him happy? (and I do want nothing more then for him to be his happiest).  When we broke up we still very much loved each other but determined that we were not meant to spend the rest of our lives together and I know that from recent emails that he still thinks highly of me (not romantically though (well at least I don't think so). 

What are your thoughts and suggestions? We can't meet for coffee, can only really communicate more openingly and frequently by either email, phone or mail.  For all I really know, he could be with someone else and very happy, as communication has once again diminished between us. 


I love reading the posts in this group.  I am considering the 15x technique as I don't have the discipline for anything more time consuming. 

love and light.

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  • thanks Goddy!!!

    I do like your response about free will and I do believe that you are absolutely correct that when we come together with someone a connection is made and I think that connection will always mean something!!


    so wish me luck and in no time I should be back here with another success story for you!!

    • Do your best :)

  • Well first just state what you want in full detail,then pick a statement that fits it best "Me and my ex interact happily together"

    As for free will I exampled this so many times and it's that we are all connected every action connects to the every person you meet.The second you interact with someone that relates not just to your reality ,but there's.I tested this a lot and free will doesn't seem to be the one person think.People look at it as if were not connected,but from what I know for the past few years this is not true.We are connected on every level,so you are not forcing them.

    If you still feel this is interfering with his free will,then it's best to just not do it,because this can cause stress for you.

    Do your best 


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