Being in alignment with cake

I have a passion for cake, so much so that my nickname is cake. I go around telling people I'm cakelicious - yeah, I'm cake mad. Around 3 years ago I thought about opening a cupcake shop with a friend. But we didn't have a clue where to start etc, so it didn't happen.

Anyway, Cailly has a passion for cupcakes and she bakes some wonderful ones and posts pictures of them all the time. I originally met her on PI and we've grown to be very close. I usually spend ages just lusting after her cupcakes. I am very, very, very appreciative of cake. And it always makes me feel good. LOL

Last summer, I was unemployed....I went to every bar, restaurant, bakery etc to hand in applications for jobs. I now just finished up a project end of June and have some interviews for 'proper' jobs lined up. In the meantime, one of the best cake and teahouses in town, sent me an email yesterday asking me if I wanted to come in for an interview today as they are opening a much bigger, new venue in an old theatre. I was telling Cailly about this and how I must have been so in alignment with cake. :p  It would be a good opportunity for me to figure out the runnings of a cupcake tea house as in the future I still planned to open one. And I was inbetween 'real' jobs, so this would be a fun way to kill time and get paid.

I just had my interview, I thought I was interviewing for a waitress position, turns out I wasn't. They said they were getting a liquor license and they saw I had cocktail experience. They asked me if I want to be cake and cocktail supervisor. You should have seen my eyes light up!!!!! And then they just offered me the job on the spot and turns the pay is double what I'd make as a waitress.

So, I can have my cake and eat it too!!!! LOL

I know this is a bit of a silly example but just goes to prove that being passionate and feeling good about the most ridiculous thing sometimes pays off.

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  • Thanks everyone. Cake (feeling good) makes the world go round. :D
  • I'm craving for meringue layer (buttercream) cake right now, preferably with lots of almond and pistachio nuts. *sigh*


  • Congrats, KK!

    I love cakes......yum yum.


  • mmmmm! cake! i want some right now! i baked and devoured half the strawberry lemon pie and most of the nectarine pie all alone the other day.

    congratulations with your position! that's really like a dream job you could imagine for someone like you.
  • Congratulations, KK.
  • I totally love this KK !!!!!!
    amazing cake-girl!!

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