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Ola, guys and gals! Sorry I haven't been around
much lately. We have just moved house and I'm still in the process of
getting settled in our new home so I can't reply to the threads and the
private mails yet.

Anyways, I'd like to do free card readings foranyone interested. This is to help you evaluate the current state of whatever area of life you are focused on and hopefully to help you
channel your energy properly in the direction of your intention. 

Just wanted to point out that the reading will not tell you what to do
or what decision to make. At best it will show you the big picture
version of your situation. What you will do with the guidance you
receive is entirely up to you. 

Please leave your request here. Then send me a PM stating your real
first name and your question. If your question involves another person
please include their real first name as well.

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    Where does she stand with him?

    1. How are things currently?

    The cards representing Group/Public and Communication came up, and I think they are saying that the two of you are communicating through the internet (or maybe text message) and that majority of contact you have with each other nowadays is through this medium. There are no cards showing any negativity, so I’m guessing communication is always enjoyable and harmonious, even if it could be just about mundane things or anything not directly about the relationship. This could also be pointing to a gathering or a live event, if this is the case then maybe one of you will be talking about it in one of your discussions or emails.

    2. What does She see about the situation?

    The cards for Travel and Obstacle came up, indicating that you see distance between the two of you, which could be physical distance or emotional distance or both. You feel that this distance is a huge obstacle and that it could be stalling or delaying the progress of the relationship.

    3. What doesn't She see about the situation?

    The cards representing Confusion and Health came up, indicating that there is uncertainty or there may be some lack of clarity, and I’m guessing the uncertainty is pertaining to the outcome of the relationship. If he has some health problems, I think this is what the cards are talking about. His health condition is a huge factor in the status of your relationship, and maybe you are not really seeing it or maybe you are denying this. The Health card came after the Confusion card so I’m thinking things are going to get better, either for the relationship or for the health condition or hopefully both.

    4. What does He see about the situation?

    The cards for Stability and Choices came up, indicating that he sees the relationship as something with long-term possibilities. But with the Choices card it also means that you are presented with multiple choices, like you can be together or you can find other partners. It’s like the cards are saying you are in an abundant universe and your options are as limited or as limitless as your imagination. How very LOA! LOL I think the cards are also saying that he needs to make up his mind and make firm a decision.

    5. How does He see her?

    The cards for Transformation and Trouble came up, indicating that maybe he sees you as someone who represents transition or starting over. It’s also possible that you are a catalyst for something that is ending for him, probably his old way of life, and we all know that that could be scary. I think he is subconsciously afraid that the change could be somewhat painful, only because it will force him to give up something, maybe his independence or could be something else we don’t know. And that is why the Trouble card appeared with the Transformation card. One other way to read those two cards is that he maybe seeing you as depressed or down and somewhat problematic, which could be about something troubling you in your personal life.

    6. How does He think about her?

    The Cross card appeared, representing both suffering and serious personal issues. I have a strong feeling that he is not at peace with his life, that this is making him sad (probably guilty, too) and he could be hiding it really well. In answer to “how does he think about her”, I guess it’s safe to say that he is reminded of his situation every time he thinks about the future of the relationship. I don’t know him but looking at the cards, I think he is full of worries, anxiety and stress, and that the things on his mind are making him focus only on the negatives and the “don’t wants”. I don’t think he is into LOA at all. LOL.

    7. How does He feel about her?

    The cards for Commitment and Stress came up. Like I said above, he sees the possibility of something long-term, but with the Stress card here I guess it means that whatever is troubling him is really a huge factor negatively influencing the outcome of the relationship. When the Stress card appears it means it is negatively affecting the other card, which is Commitment in this case. So even though he has deep feelings for you (enough to make a commitment), as long as he is letting his problems affect him, he will not be too excited about taking the relationship to the next level.

    8. Advice for her?

    The card which represents both Education and Unknown came up, and I’m not sure what it is really trying to advise you to do because it could mean you must study or find out something but on the other hand it could be saying you must hide something. LOL. It’s like a book, which if open will provide you with information but if closed then whatever is inside will remain hidden or unknown. I guess you have to decide which one is the correct interpretation here. It could mean that you need to be smart about the situation. Perhaps it’s simply telling you to keep searching or researching, and a surprise or unforeseen event could be coming to shake up the status quo.

    Extra Card: I pulled the one representing Hope, so I think it’s saying that the situation is not hopeless, hope is an invisible force that is influencing the situation here. When this card appears, it’s usually saying that success or victory is within reach if you have faith and trust. This is also the card for healing and encouragement so I guess those are the two things you should focus on regardless of what is going on in the relationship.

    Hope this will help you. I feel like my reading ability has become rusty due to lack of use. LOL.
  • oh, no wonder . there is no news from u LMF. welcome back anyway
  • Welcome back LMF..great to see you back on here :)
    I sent you a PM a few weeks ago whenever you have a chance to look at it..thank you!!
  • Welcome back, LMF! Nice to hear you have your internet connection back and can't wait to see my reading... :)
  • welcome back, Light*My*Fire! i know what you mean to be without internet and discovering things you wouldn't otherwise. last year my computer broke and i was without it for 3 months, and during that time i developed knowledge in things i never thought of doing!
  • I'm back! I'm back online! *happy dance* We were able to apply for internet service only last week and it was installed just some hours ago.

    I believe that everything happens for a reason, and now I know that I was meant to have no internet for 3 weeks so that I would be forced to study some stuff that had been on my to-do list for a long time and to read some books that I would not have found had I not been bored out of my head. It's like there was some invisible force pointing the way and leading me to where I'm supposed to go in my quest for enlightenment and self-awareness. All I can say now is I'm glad I followed their "directions". The forced isolation has resulted in a very good outcome for me.

    I hope you are all doing fine and at peace with whatever situation you are in. "I am where I am and it's enough" is a quote from Abraham that I always go back to whenever I need a reminder that a good life starts with embracing the here and now. Your life may be at its most "sucky" phase at the moment, but as soon as you recognize that that moment is temporary and that you have a choice as to where you want to go (whether to focus on a feel-better thought or a feel-worse thought) you regain control and in that instant you are reminded that the same energy that you unconsciously used to create the ugly situation can be converted into energy that can be consciously used to transform that situation into one that you desire.

    I will resume the card readings as soon as possible. For the new requests, please don't forget to PM me your question, your real first name and the first name of whoever is involved in your question. You can also ask for a general reading if you don't have a specific question.

    Bright blessings to everyone! *hugs*
  • hi im Eric need help on the method and a reading?i have been doing the chanting using pacing method to be together with a girl named (GRACE,QIUYU). but all the works for 3months. its comes to me by today sms tht she say she that we are just freinds n will return the gifts that i give if i misunderstand her.or is she saying becos she going back to her country.will pacing method gurantee her want to stay cos she left just a few month to stay?? what is she really thinking. how does she feel? hv she fallen in love with me only that she is just afraid !! also does she just want sex with me cos her subtle action seem to be!! i hope the reading can answer queries !!wat is happening ??now wat can i do or be ??alsohow come the method i used for sometime seemed to be with opposite result??

    can the chanting really cause her to fall in love ??
  • Welcome back LMF !! This forum is really quiet lately ......... hehehee .........

    Anyway, sorry to hear bout what you have been thru but at least now, you have found the answer (bout that b*tch) and from the contrast, you got a better place to stay with wonderful view and rent down by 25%, awesome !!

    I wanted to request that you do a fresh reading for me too but since you are MIA, I don't dare to disturb you. Now that you are back ... hope you don't mind doing a new reading for me ........

    Thanks a lot sweetie and hope to see more of you soon !! ;-))

  • Sorry guys, I've been M.I.A. again. UGH! We are moving to a new home for the 2nd time this year. We had problems with the landlady (she sublet the place to us) who mysteriously went missing 3 weeks ago. It turned out she had already left this country for good to escape her debts.

    We were so worried about her and thought she could have been murdered or raped etc. It was my first time dealing with a missing person case and I learned that the the experience could be physically, emotionally and psychologically draining.

    And then one day, someone discovered by accident through Facebook that the b*otch (LOL) is in her home country already. (There should be a moral lesson somewhere in this story for FB users. LOL)

    What's great about the experience is that we are transferring to a lower floor within the same building, so moving our stuff was not as stressful as the first time. One advantage of the new place is that my room has a wonderful view especially at night, a far cry from the former room which was directly facing the concrete skeleton of an unfinished building whose construction had been stopped due to the economic recession). Even the kitchen has a nice view! And the best part is that our monthly rent went down by 25%. *claps*

    I will do a "fresh" reading for those in the waitlist and will post them as soon as our internet connection is transferred to the new flat, (transfer normally takes 5-7 days). Till then, bright blessings to everyone!
  • Hi LMF.... looks like you're good at this !! are you still doing these readings ? wondering if you could sneek me in if you are !
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