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Ola, guys and gals! Sorry I haven't been around
much lately. We have just moved house and I'm still in the process of
getting settled in our new home so I can't reply to the threads and the
private mails yet.

Anyways, I'd like to do free card readings foranyone interested. This is to help you evaluate the current state of whatever area of life you are focused on and hopefully to help you
channel your energy properly in the direction of your intention. 

Just wanted to point out that the reading will not tell you what to do
or what decision to make. At best it will show you the big picture
version of your situation. What you will do with the guidance you
receive is entirely up to you. 

Please leave your request here. Then send me a PM stating your real
first name and your question. If your question involves another person
please include their real first name as well.

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  • Hi LMF, hope you got my PM ^ - ^ Am eagerly waiting for my turn, tks !!!
  • Sarah, please PM me the real names.

    Eternity, Dragonfly33 are you here?

    Meow Auan, please PM me your real name.

    Guys, remember to give me the real names of the people involved and if you have specific questions that you want to ask the cards please send them to me thru PM.
  • Thanks so much for the reading, LMF. I Need to keep it and reread again and again to remind myself. Will come back to you when things happened as mentioned here ;)

    Once again, thanks bunches, dear..

    Where does she stand with him?

    1. How are things currently?

    The card for Stress and the card for Happiness appeared, so I guess the cards are saying that feelings of sadness or being lost is there, but it is not as serious as before. Despite the separation and lack of communication, the two of them have now more or less accepted what happened. There is now a stronger sense of recovery and emotional healing on both sides.

    2. What does She see about the situation?

    She is seeing that there is still hope and that a positive outcome is within reach. She feels that she needs to do something and that she can get the result she wants but only if she exerts effort and make things happen.

    3. What doesn't She see about the situation?

    What she is not seeing is that there is victory and success in the end. There is no promise or guarantee that they are getting back together. But the cards are saying that after the time of confusion and uncertainty, she is assured to find that brighter days are ahead of her, with or without the man. I think the cards are saying that she will find happiness whether she ends up with him or with another person.

    4. What does He see about the situation?

    He sees a new beginning, a new chapter in life for him. I think he is more focused now on his ambitions. And his top priority is his freedom. It’s possible that at the moment he is thinking about investments.

    5. How does He see her?

    He sees her as someone who sometimes acts impulsively or who makes decisions without thinking thoroughly first. He also sees her as someone difficult to understand, or someone very private and maybe secretive or someone who withholds information. Another possibility is that he sees her as someone who is nosey, always questioning things and always on investigative mode.

    6. How does He think about her?

    He thinks about her like a child remembers good memories from the past. It’s possible that he has fond memories of her and thinks about the times they had fun. But he knows that those days are gone, and it looks like he is more interested in his independence and in going for whatever offers adventures. What’s important to him is being able to do things his way whenever he wants to.

    7. How does He feel about her?

    He feels truly “separated” from her. I guess this means that in the past he must have felt committed to her and felt that he could be serious with her, but now he doesn’t feel a strong connection to her anymore. It also looks like he is not in the mood to be serious with anyone right now. I’m thinking the cards are saying that he is enjoying his being single and available. And as I said above, he is concentrating on his long-term goals and personal security.

    8. Advice for her?

    If they ever get bump into each other or have a chance to talk to each other, she should talk to him about personal finance, perhaps the handling of money and even leadership and politics. It sounds funny but this is the only interpretation I have for now. I think what the cards are saying is to stick to practical issues and not focus on feelings or emotions that could turn him off. The cards may be saying that she needs to engage his mind and that it’s best that they talk about safe subjects.

    Extra Card: The card I pulled represents endings and transformations. This is what is influencing the situation. So I don’t know what’s in store for the two people involved because I know that where there is an ending there is also a beginning. I just don’t know if in this case the ending will lead to a new beginning WITH the same person.

    What I am sure about is that “transformation” is a huge theme in this situation. The transformation refers to a huge change (separation) and I think they are both affected by this. This transformation could be pointing to a final and irreversible ending for the relationship. But I can’t give a final verdict because people have free will and the future is not set in stone. All I can say is that at the moment, the energies surrounding the two people involved reflect a transformation, which could be a final ending of a phase or a major change in the area of life in question (love and relationships).
  • LMF, I know you have lots people are waiting for your reading, including me :) I have had pm you my detail, if you need further details, pls let me know.
  • hi LMF, i also need help too!! i do not know what going on with my life??
  • hi LMF, i see that you have lots of readings to do, but if it's alright, when you get the time, could you do one more for me? i sent you a message. thank you! i hope all is going well with your new home. :)
  • Hi LMF,
    I had sent a PM awhile back while you were MIA. Did you get it? If not let me know so I can send again as I had a specific question.
  • Oh my gosh, you aren't rusty at all, LMF! That was all totally correct. Uncannily correct! Thank you so much!
  • Great to see you're back LMF.
    I will send you a PM so whenever you have time for it that would be fab...
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