Card Readings (Part 2) LIVE Version

I just realized that it takes me a long time to type out the interpretation when I do card readings. The problem is that I am a bit O.C. (obsessive-compulsive) when it comes to writing because English is not my native tongue, and so I tend to go over what I'm writing again and again -- reading, writing, editing. I have to do this to ensure that people will easily understand what I'm saying.

We have a somewhat long list of of people waiting to have their readings done. So I'm thinking it will be better if I do it in "real time", via online chat. This way I can bypass my "inner editor" and deliver the message to you as if we were just having a normal conversation. LOL. I know this is going to be easier and faster because I can get instant feedback and it will also help me know right away if I'm on track or not. 

For those who are interested, sign up below please. Those who have signed up in the other thread (Card Readings for your Guidance) can transfer their request here. We can use yahoo, msn or google chat. I think a reading will take around 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the subject/question. You will have to tell me beforehand your question so I can pull the cards a few minutes before our actual chat.


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  • HI LMF,
    I was just wanting a reading. I just found this group here, finally.
    Can I PM you?
  • Hi LMF, would you mind sending mine via PM when you have it? thanks :)
  • oooh, so we all have bad internet, dang! lol... my new internet still hasn't arrived. i don't know what's going on!

    but while i waited for so long, the situation i wanted a peak into has started showing a new aspect... i'll send you a message for a brief explanation. but anyway, is it more convenient for you to do it the "old style" (+ faster-writing one command?). whichever is fine for me. :)
  • I'm back to doing the readings "old style" (posted on the forum) for the meantime because my internet connection has been a bit unstable for the past several days. I have actually pulled cards already for some people, but I'm not too excited about the act of writing the interpretations. LOL. I think I will do a One Command for me to write much faster. Yes, good idea. :-)
  • my yahoo is rabiax213 and aim is minidiva213 :)
  • Hi LMF,
    I am free now if you are available. It's late here but I can't sleep lol.
    Thank you,
  • too bad im working then:)well i had time between 5am and 7am but that was maybe a bit early;)
  • oh sweet LMF, thanks! i'll let you know when it's all set up. :)
  • help me LMF, i PM u yesterday again , so that i can compile what i hv written . to u the past post!! btw the powerfulintention chat line is available. everyone who needs the reading can make use of it
  • ALF, no problem. We'll do the reading as soon as your new internet service is installed.

    No live readings for today. I'll do readings the old way and post them here later today. Hoping I get to do at least 2 readings.

    Anyone who is free TOMORROW (July 14, Wednesday) and would like to have a live reading, just sign up here and pick a one-hour time slot between 5AM and 5PM GMT. Go to to convert time zones.
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